Friday, July 24, 2009

more stuff that i love

I am not only a freak about food.   
My mom and dad got back from Japan a while back and I just love the things that they brought back for me.  They kind of show all the other things that I am freakish about.
My favorite store in the world is Muji.  Sadly, the only ones in the U.S. are in New York.  Happily, my dad is willing to go there for me when he goes to Japan.  Their stuff is so simple and that is what makes it beautiful.  These two things are from there:
Okay, some might think that when it comes to electronics or anime or cars or even food, that Japanese really know their stuff.  Me?  I dig the office supplies.  Oh man, I just love them.  And according to my love language, I think they love me back.

 -the billion ring binder- no need to reinforce these holes, they have a billion others to back them up.  It is so much sturdier and just makes more sense.  I use them for journals and they have yet to let me down.

-the pen/pencil- this superman of writing utensils does both.  I write my name on these things and guard then with my life and still, they seem to disappear.  Ask Karl, I have the hardest time lending these pens out.

-Cute little apron with silly English on it.  Of course. 
-Treats.  My parents know me.  These are a few of my faves.  I love the snacks that they have there.  Not all of them have to have crazy colors and be totally made out of sugar.  Some do, but there are some that aren't that I just love (Samuel loves them, too.  I tried to hide them, but he found them and made me share).

Japan is the land of cutesy.  Just is.  They take something totally practical, stick a little character with great big eyes or bows or pink or whatever and call it done.  Just ask Hello Kitty.  She knows what I am talking about.  She'll vouch for me.  

-I wonder if eggs that don't get to be cut with this cute little tool are jealous.
-and I wonder if sandwiches that don't get to be cut with this cute little tool are jealous, too.

Okay, so along with going to Italy for a food tour, I want to live in Japan for a while.  Just a while.  So I can deck my house in Muji.  Okay, okay, and maybe because I happen to BE Japanese.  "Dreams free," right?


Lindsay said...

I love office supplies too...your parents are so nice to bring you back such great stuff.
I need to check out that store! I definitely will next time I'm in Japan... :)

Malea said...

I need to get over there. I know several people that I can visit. I really love the culture. Most of the students I encounter are just happy shiney people at heart.

Courtney said...

I love that you love all that stuff. You are my resource. If I am ever in need of anything, I call you first. I am one of the 8 not on facebook- thanks for thinking of us. Love "Dreams Free". If I was totally Utah county- I'd make a vinyl for my wall.

Abbigail said...

I have seen your Muji stuff in person and it is something worth being obsessed about. So great. So Japanese too.
I love the idea Courtney made about the vinyl for "dreams free". I think I need one for my new house. Your Mom is so awesome.

mmm.chocolate said...

"Dreams free." I love that. And, I love reading your thoughts and seeing all these little things you love.

pamela said...

i'm fully aware that you most likely have seen these....but just in case you haven't:

it's the muji wooden cool.


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