Sunday, July 26, 2009


Favorite friend, Kristi, came over and I showed her how to make these flower clips.  My new favorite is the yo yo clip at the bottom.  

But I am not the only one that has been crafting around here.  
Eva made this bear out of some of my fuzzy brown fabric and a toilet paper roll.  
And Samuel, he has been obsessed with paper airplanes.  It started out as a way to keep him quiet in church.  These are a few of his earlier versions. 
Can't forget Karl, right?  His 4 year craft project.  Our house remodel.  He is currently working on his office.  

Okay, I have a question.  Just like the rest of my family, I like to make stuff.  I have sold some at a couple of boutiques but always without a name.  I don't have a "brand."  I have always thought about "cyi design"... my initials and, well, you get it.  But today I googled it and it is taken.  Sad.  I am stuck.  I think it is time I name my stuff (I suck at naming stuff.  My cat's name was Kitty by default).
Any ideas?  It doesn't have to, but I liked the cyi thing.  
And I am so embarrassed but amused that I sound way too much like Tamn right now. See for yourself.  


Abbigail said...

I will try to think of a name.... but until then, I love that bear Eva made, it is so awesome.

Abbigail said...

Have you seen this:

I want you to make it and for me to see it. I would try but I am too afraid. Cute huh?

So I was thinking, is Pooki still available for a craft line name? Isn't that what your school friends called you? That might be cute.

Lindsay said...

I like the cyi thing too...just look for different combinations that go with it...
cyi craft
cyi make things...j/k that's lame.
But I'm sure you can find something that goes with it! I still think you should start an etsy shop!
I love the clips...buttons in the middle are my favorite.

Pete said...

How about CYI In Your Face?

Christina said...

Pete, not sure what to think of this comment...

Sean, Em and Milo Volk said...

I think you should use "get your own mom" I know it's kindof long... but so cute!

Karl said...

How about GYOM for short?


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