Wednesday, June 10, 2009

eva's school fun

These were a while back...
Eva's kindergarten walked a mile for the school "fun run."  Samuel and I tagged along.  
Samuel refused to go the bathroom before we left and so, of course, 3 minutes into the "run" he is dying to go.  He kept damanding that I let him go on the grass.  Uh, we were in neighborhood.  A civilized, non ghetto neighborhood, surrounded by hundred of elementary kids.  No way.  So we cross the street and wait for the class to make the loop and catch them on the way back.  It is easier to hold it when sitting.  Punk.

I think the refreshments after the run were the most memorable part for the kids.  I don't what it is about kids sitting on the curb eating popsicles but I think it is so cute.  
They had healthy snacks available but they weren't quite as popular as the frozen high fructose corn syrup/ red 40/blue 1/yellow 5 pops.

A couple days before school ended they had field day.  And since I could.  And since Eva still wants me to, I went.  I was in charge of what was apparently the lamest activity, the bean bag toss.  With the giant parachute, potato sack race and water balloons, I didn't stand a chance.  The kids were quite vocal about the fact that they were anxious to move on to the next activities.  
But I did my duty and kept them at my station until the whistle blew.  It was hot and hearing complaints from my own kids is one thing, but 45 toothless scholars is another.  I got a little creative and I mixed things up a little.  Mostly for my benefit.  It is harder to complain when the bean bag is covering your nose or you have to throw it from between your legs.  
Once again, the favorite part of the day was the refreshments.  I totally get it.

Oh, and I took a few shots in our backyard of the kids playing after the fun run.  I love it how they play together. They weren't fighting, so that made it camera worthy.  

This picture of the shoes lined up?  This is just so Eva.  I can't even explain it.  It is just so her.  


Dianne and Sean said...

Doesn't everyone love frozen high fructose corn syrup/red 40/blue 1/yellow 5 pops more than an orange? What were they thinking? It looks like a fun day!

Malea said...

I think it takes a lot of instinct to be a parent, or a person who works with kids. But I tell you what, because of our early experience planning out all those SPE's, then throwing several out the window and doing whatever when we were in ILP sure does make it so much easier to spend time teaching/playing with kids.

Abbigail said...

Great post. I love that Sam wanted to pee on the grass. Kitty remembered when Ryan let him go outside when he was visiting the other day because he had to go so bad and we didn't have the keys to the house. Kitty said, Doggies go outside and so did Sam. :)
The shoes lined up were almost as cute as the potato sac races. being a kid rules.


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