Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ann arbor finale

Samuel keeps asking to go back.  Sorry, buddy.  We had fun, didn't we?
Brunch at the park.  My niece has the cutest face.  Ever.
I hope that Eva loves it that she has a photo of herself swinging with her grandpa like this.  
We dressed up and went to a reception at Ryan's school.  A whole lot of really smart people.
Look at Samuel excited with his huge donut.  The decorations were so pretty.  Maybe it was the pretty fruit, maybe it was the giant hunks of chocolate, maybe it is because I have been in a long search for the perfect beverage dispenser.
Sometimes when we try to take a nice family photo it doesn't work at all.  So, here are takes about 5 and 52.  The best we could get before we finally just gave up.  But, I guess it really shows who we are.
This is the smart guy that got his PhD.  That is why we flew out there. 
Congratulations.  We are so proud of Ryan.


Abbigail said...

AWESOME! Thanks for coming. I miss you guys and wish you lived next door instead of hundreds of miles away. Those photos from the park are adorable.

Lindsay said...

Those are some great pictures Christina! I especially like the ones of Eva swinging with Gordon...and your family pictures...and it's fun to see pictures of Ryan, Abbi and Kitty too. Like I said, they are all great! :)

Dianne and Sean said...

What great pictures! It looks like such a fun time and a great reason to celebrate.

Dianne and Sean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dianne and Sean said...

Sorry about the deleted comment. Blogger posted my comment twice even though I clicked publish only ONCE. And now I can't delete the evidence of the second comment. Lucky you--you get lots of comments from me today. Stupid Blogger!

Oh, and I want to know how you make your pictures into a small row collage. Can you do it in Blogger or is it another program?

Christina said...

I just do it on Blogger. I upload the pictures in the "small" image size and the layout I chose "none." Then I just line them out by backspacing.

Pretty simple. But I do remember that the PC in China where we stayed wouldn't let me do it. Don't know why.

Hyeyoung said...

I am so sad I missed you while you were here--that Sunday, Naomi was being super cranky, so I stayed home while she napped and went to sacrament. So bummed. But it sounds like you had a great trip out here and MI. Maybe next time??


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