Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So Eva walked up the other day with her arms full.  Upon closer inspection I saw that she was doing her part to "keep our country clean," a phrase she learned in preschool.  She had picked up the trash in our front yard.  Deep breath, stay calm.  Uh, good job Eva, why don't you set that stuff down and I will get it later?

Yep, this is the kind of stuff that we find on our front lawn.  Yep, that is a used diaper.  Besides the germs, these are just things that no mother wants to see her six year old carrying.  Even the Gatorade bottle grosses me out.  

Ew, right?  Double ew.

Hillbillies.  I am your first Japanese hillbilly.  The truck is in the garage, now.  But that is the only car in there. One, unusable, truck.  The rest of the garage is full of furniture and boxes and shotguns and antlers and stuff like that.   On snowy days, I don't appreciate being a hillbilly.
A while back I saw a Hot Pocket sleeve out on our lawn.  It just seemed to fit.  I just left it there.  It went away.  That's what us hillbillies do, leave it there and if you're lucky, it goes away.  If doesn't go away, oh well.  We think Hot Pockets are funny.  So does Jim Gaffigan:

And in keeping with the hillbilly theme, Eva lost another tooth yesterday:


Pete said...

Thanks for hot pocket clip - it's been a while. Great post. I'm not ashamed to have hillbilly friends.

Kris Tina said...

A powerful post in honor of Earth Day. Right? Also we now have our car parked in the garage - Greg has dreamed of a garage all our married life.

Abbigail said...

we have a two car garage and both of our cars are outside. we don't have a truck, but we do have scooters and all of their parts. I hope in our new home with four garages I will get to park in one of them!
That trash on the lawn is too much. You should see our pile of "recycling" in back. I think we belong in your neighborhood.

Karl said...

To clarify, it is one shotgun and isn't the garage a great place for a set of deer antlers? Better than the bathroom right? Last, I guess we could move the truck to the front lawn... Can't say much about the trash. I think 70% of it comes from our neighbors, the other 30% from high school kids -- darn teenagers.

Christina said...

Clarify if you must, but in my pre-hillbilly days, no antlers were good antlers.

Kathryn said...

Let's not even talk about messy garages. Our garage can top anyone's garage for messy. Speaking about redneck fastfood. I think I bought a few hot pockets back in the 80's. I thought they were pretty nasty. If my memory is correct, my boys actually liked poptarts. Maybe Eva and Samuel have acquired their father's taste for hillbilly food. Maybe it all goes back to me. Sorry Christina!

Adri said...

Wow... you guys are real party animals over there. We just have soda cans all over the place. I have to say those are usually ours though.

Heath'e' said...

Rich and i love Jim Gaffigan and the hot pocket jokes. Rich sings it for fun and now every once and a while Jarron will come up to us and sing "HOOOOT POCKET" too funny.

Eva is super cute with that missing tooth :)

Karl said...

I make no apologies for the deer antlers.

Mom, you bought a "few" hot pockets back in the 80s?


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