Monday, December 29, 2008

Super Powers

Secretly, I think we all wish that we were born with some sort of super power to make life a little easier or if anything, make us stand out a little. Well, Eva was born with super powers. Not only can she do that belly rolling thing, that girl can stretch. Makes warm ups during parent observation day in ballet class a little more interesting. In the photo where they are holding the flowers, they are doing a "shadow dance."

Still to blog, but afraid to take on:
Sun Valley trip
Places to eat in UT county (yep, you heard me)
Gumma's Christmas party
Christmas day
Samuel's Christmas program
Eva's Christmas program

Sure wish I had super powers that would somehow get these done in a timely, worthwhile manner. I went to one Mac class and learned a couple of things. But I think I forgot them already. Boy, super powers sure would come in handy...


Lindsay said...

Oh my heck, that picture of Eva holding her news and pointing her toes is priceless! What great pictures! I love little girls in their dance clothes!

Lindsay said...

I meant holding her knees. Not news. I don't know what I was thinking...those two words aren't even close! I hate typos!

Alyse said... do have super powers. Super crafty powers.

Malea said...

i want your super photog powers, what great pictures!

Kathryn said...

These photos brought back a flood of memories of teaching dancing. I really loved the little girls Evas age. She looks like she is a beautiful little dancer. We need to visit on parent observation day. Grandma

Emily said...

um, ditto what alyse said. . .

I LOVE the calendars. I am so amazed by your artsyness!


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