Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who Needs Disneyland?

This last weekend was the vacation formerly known as UEA. Some pack up and go to Disneyland, Hawaii (cough, cough, Grandma and Grandpa Geddes), etc. Here at our house we stayed in our pajamas until noon.

Look how absolutely happy Eva looks. These kids thought it was so funny to climb into the pillow cases.
Samuel apparently loves his cars. He is kissing one of them and look how much feeling he is putting into it. He also loves loves loves his Speed Racer notebook that I got on clearance at Target. In this picture is a ramp for his cars.
How long will they play together like this? Hopefully forever. Love the bedhead.
I'm thinking you have to have an animal obsessed toddler of your own to imagine how often Samuel is a kitty. Here Eva is feeding him.

If those dollar store math posters weren't tucked behind the table, this would be one of my favorite pictures ever.

And just to show (mostly myself) that we actually got dressed and out of the house.
This post is sponsored by Karl, the guy who goes to work so we can have days like this.


mmm.chocolate said...

I'm laughing out loud at the photo of Samuel drinking from his kitty dish and Ava seriously laying out his food. Gotta love those men who work so hard to keep us in the lap of luxury!

Angela said...

You're kids are so cute. i don't think you could have had a better UEA weekend. I think it is the best to stay in your pajamas till noon. And I have an animal obsessed child too. Gabby LOVES animals! Unfortunately she was eating out of Diane's dogs food dish yesterday and that was definitely not pretend. :)

amelia - paul - fran said...

Word. I love being a stay at home mom. I wouldn't trade it for the world. What's better than showering at 10 just to go outside and dump leaves on your baby's head?

Michelle said...

That picture with the ABC's is so cute. Ella is the "obsessed with being a kitty" child in our family.

I love how Eva still pushes her stroller around. She really is a girly-girl isn't she? So cute!!

Emily said...

I swear I left a comment on this post before. . . hmmmm, must not have hit publish oops!

But I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. all those pictures! They gave me the warmest fuzziest feelings - like looking through a Pottery Barn Kids catalog.

Every beautiful detail - the essence of childhood.

Abbigail said...

cuuuuute! Those photos are great. I love the ABCs you have hanging, did you make those or buy them? If you made them, email me how.....
You could always photoshop out the math posters in that photo. I could do it if you sent me the file.


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