Monday, October 20, 2008

Samuel Creates, Too

Samuel made Karl this necklace, yesterday. He also made himself one. If you want to make one, you will need a piece of a Sunday ad, a piece of yarn (preferably blue), and Scotch tape. Maybe he can start his college fund by selling these one-of-a-kinds on Etsy.
The latest obsession has been Speed Racer. It all started with a toy from his Kid's Meal. I got the sound track to the old cartoon from the library. We have listened to it over and over. We put the song on repeat in the car. It would end, Samuel would say, "again," it would start, and Samuel would say, "yes!" every time. Samuel uses the music as inspiration for his drawings. The music starts and he draws to the beat. He could also sell these art pieces on Etsy.
Unrelated side note: 9 days and Truck is still sitting in the driveway and I still can't park in there. This was not part of the deal. I am going to start complaining. Or maybe a new outfit might help me endure this pain...

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Kathryn Geddes said...

We loved Samuel's artwork. Thanks for blogging.


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