Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Uh, fall?

Snow? Iceskating? Looks like we have gone straight from summer to winter...

The kids went out to take advantage of the snow. I was looking through the pictures that Karl took of them and check it out... He totally got a shot of Eva pegging Samuel in the face with a snowball. It is just an inch from his face. There isn't a shot of the snow actually on his face but from the shot of Samuel chasing Eva it looks like it hit.

For whatever reason, these kids love to iceskate... even though it just consisted of holding mom or dad's hand and flopping around. They just remodeled the icerink so I signed the kids up for lessons. It went much better than t-ball or soccer. They loved it.

Look how cute is about seeing her little brother. Her teacher could not care less, but I thought it was sweet.

Samuel is such a punk. Look at all the effort he went through to smear ice on the plexiglass in front of my face.

Samuel's class was called "Snowplow Sams." Funny, huh? The first lesson was how to fall and get up. While the teacher was trying to teach the other kids this skill, Samuel fell, got up, skated, fell, got up, dug holes in the ice, smeared plexiglas, fell, got up, bowled the other kids over... over and over and over. That free helmet from the Bees game was really coming in handy.

So, uh, where did fall go?


Adri Ballingham said...

So cute! I may have to look into ice skating lessons for my kids. I loved the pictures of the snowball fight. Your kids look like they have a lot of fun together.

Nikki said...

I am not looking forward to snow at all but my kids sure are. Everytime I say go outside while it is still nice out they say well soon we can play in the snow. It looks like your kids were having a blast!

Michelle said...

Christina, I love your videos!! The one of Eva waving is so cute. The way she said his name the first few times, I totally pictured him doing something extremely dangerous like hanging from the bleachers by his ice-skates or something.

jeppsenfam said...

Have been talking with Trish and Amy, we'd like to do a meal and a note for Annie when she has the baby. What do you think if we contact any other ilpers and join forces. Trish found Dream Dinners on line since she's too far away to take one over. I thought i'd send an email to everyone from our group. What do you think? Any other ideas (you are so creative)? Do you have Courtney's email?

five-one-and-a-half said...

I am SO not ready for winter yet - i'm very glad that it is still warm here. It looks like your kids really enjoyed the first snow of the season!

Michelle said...

That's awesome! You were so brave to do that! When we were up in Ogden to do the iFly thing I thought, "There's no way I'd do that in my bathing suit in front of that window!" I thought you did really good and you looked cute all at the same time. Good job!

I'm so excited the ice rink is open! Alyssa wants to take lessons, but I told her we had to wait until football and soccer were over at the end of the month. Let us know what sessions you guys are signed up for and we might join you!


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