Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Flowrider... Ouch!

Once again, thanks to Karl's work, I got out again. This time all the way to Ogden (Amy, I thought of you!) to this thing called the Flowrider... paying money to ride this wave thing, then crashing, then getting shot up the hill thing, and then getting up and doing it again. Our love for trying new stuff has not died, but apparently our youth and agility (if I really ever had any), has.
One of my many attempts/wipe outs

and one of Karl's rides and re-ride attempts.
This is the owner person guy. He was so nice and patient. Apparently this is what it is supposed to look. Uh, yeah, maybe next time.

The rope helped me balance and stay facing the right way. See how happy I am before I know how bad the crash hurts? My bruises still hurt.

Karl started to get the hang of it.
The boogie board was fun and a lot easier.

Karl wanted to get a picture of me crashing. I helped him out and made sure he had lots of opportunities to get that picture.
It was totally worth all the abuse and we want to go back. We were so tired after we finished and it was only an hour. Thank goodness I wore a rash guard, those waves would not have hesitated on whipping off a little swimsuit. Next time, I will make sure to eat at Sonora Grill that is right by there.


Nikki said...

You totally look like a surfer-girl. That looks like fun. We went to a place that had one of those but I was not brave enough to try it. Good for you!

Angela said...

You are so adventurous. Looks like a blast. Kessee would love that place. Maybe we will have to try it when we are out here in December. It was fun seeing you at the wedding. Hopefully we will see you at Grandma's Christmas party.

Pete said...

That looks totally awesome. My in-laws would go crazy there. We'll have to trek up sometime.

Emily said...

DANG! You and Karl are THE *coooolest* people I know!!!

And yes, you are QUITE the little surfer chick!

Michelle said...

Those were some funny videos. I was totally laughing at how you both flowed right on toward the back and fell. I loved it.

Good job for being adventurous and not just being a photographer like what I would do. :)

mmm.chocolate said...

Loved reading your review of the flowrider. Brian and I have been wanting to do this for awhile. The only thing stopping me is reservations about doing it in front of all the people who stand around and watch you do it -- Fear of looking like a total dork in front of a crowd. Also, I need cute board shorts and rash guard like you. Where did you get those? You can tell me by e-mail. Or, post the answer here in your comments. Or, just do a whole post reviewing swim wear :-). I was a little nervous by the word "ouch" in your title. But, you said it was worth it. So, I guess we'll have to give it a try!

Adri Ballingham said...

hehehe... I am sitting here laughing at your video. You haven't changed a bit. Always willing to try new things. Way to go!

Heath'e' said...

Ok, so that looks like a lot of fun, scary but fun.

Alyse said...

Hello. Hot-surfer-mama!


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