Friday, October 3, 2008


Okay, the point of this picture is not that Samuel is playing with a long dangerous stick and or that he is standing on that completely unnecessary stack of slate tiles on our back patio. The point is that Samuel is wearing his shorts backwards. This is a common thing for Samuel but I just thought that I would share this milestone... today is the first day that his mom sent him to school like that. What I am hoping, what I am really really hoping is that this is the last. I didn't notice until after I picked him up and we were at Target. The weird part is that at a playgroup before school I noticed his shirt was backwards and I fixed that.

The next photo? A little hand picked seasonal bouquet on my counter when I got home from book group tonight. Where did it come from? Karl said the bishop dropped it off. He said someone wanted me to have it because they think I am nice. I share because a) I was so touched that someone thought of me AND thought I was nice b) Karl can't remember who it was. Completely forgot the name. So, in the very very slim chance that the giver reads this blog... thank you! (whoever you are!)

Next, I have a blog etiquette question: If someone asks you a question in your comments, how do you answer? In your comments? Their comments? A personal e-mail? A phone call? I have never been sure about this one. I am not a fan of one way conversations and the same feeling goes for blogs but I am not sure of the right way.

Finally, these things...

"CAPTCHA: Telling Humans and Computers Apart Automatically"

These ones look like a piece of cake compared to many that I have tried to get through when I am hacking, I mean leaving an innocent comment on some one's blog. I seriously mess up all the time. So, it looks like they tell humans, computers, and CAPTHA impaired people apart. Maybe that wheelchair is for special people like me. (No offense to people in wheelchairs that are much more capable with the CAPTHA thing than me).


Heath'e' said...

I never know where to ask questions or answer them either! I've started responding on my comments after the person. Sometimes I just email them back from my email when the comment filters in and if I have a question I try to remember to check the "email follow-up comments to" and then you just wait and see if they answered it, or you check back a million times! :) I hate those security things!! I only don't mind them when I'm about to enter in my credit card info.

mmm.chocolate said...

My five-year-old must have worn his shorts/pants backwards for a year. I could usually say something clever to make him notice a backwards shirt and fix it. But, he was so proud of himself for getting dressed . . . I just never got around to telling him his pants were backwards. Kids are so funny. I love it!


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