Sunday, October 5, 2008

Russian Food...

I have a sweet friend from Russia named Olga. She is super mega talented. She designs and sews her cute maternity clothes, she can belly dance, and among many other great things... she cooks great food. I lived in Russia for a several months back in my college days and I was not as grateful for the cuisine as I am now... maybe it was the poundage that it made me gain back then. Friends from my Russian days, here is a trip down memory lane... She has made me some piroshki (apple lemon and potato) which were so so good that I took them to my parents house and everyone got a half. She make these adorable little ground beef potato things called zrazy (I never had these in Russia). She also made blinchki filled with meat (I swear I never had any this good, but then again, I didn't know Olga). And finally, something I know I had PLENTY of in Russia, kasha (buckwheat porridge)! She served it with stroganoff and cucumbers. Food is such a great way to connect with people.

She came over and help me make the blinchki for my dinner group. I want to get the recipe down before I forgot what she did. She just eyeballed everything (like every amazing cook I know) so it was hard to get everything down. I took her version and really Christina-fied it (whole wheat, less butter...) and it was still really good.
Whoops! I had the recipe posted for a little while and apparently I didn't get it written down soon enough. I tried to remember the ratios and I got all messed up. I hate it when I do that. I hope Olga can show me how again. I am sad. They were so good.


Annie P said...

Sounds like we need a little Russia reunion. Yumm

Abbigail said...

looks delicious, and the photos are lovely. You are quite a photographer, maybe that is your next calling. Food photographer?

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog always makes me hungry. I don't know what are on these plates, but it looks nice. Sounds strange to a meat and potatoes kind of girl, but looks fabulous!


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