Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gloria's Little Italy

I had plans to head down to Provo to go to lunch with one of my Japanese mission companions, Kaori (who is much cuter than my cell phone photo depicts) that is here studying English for the summer. I wanted to go to somewhere fabulous so I checked out one of my favorite blogs Your Heart Out since they seem to have a pull towards Utah County. One of the places they recommended was Gloria's Little Italy... and I am glad they did.
First of, I am pretty sure that Gloria, all decked out in a chef's hat, served us. I got the Penne Arrabiata, one of my favorite dishes ever and it was tasty and flavorful. I did end up sneaking bites of Samuel's "kid" dish when he wasn't looking because it was so good. We ended the meal with gelato, delicious as always.
Kinda far, but I will definately go back.

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five-one-and-a-half said...

I lived in Utah County for almost 6 years and I never knew about all these cool restaurants. Who knew!


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