Friday, September 26, 2008

2008 Harvest... The Good, the Bad, and the Huh?

I garden because I like food so so so much. Nothing compares to a garden tomato. Try to argue that one. This is my third year and I keep thinking that I will get better. It gets bigger but I keep making the same mistakes and then some new ones. I am still having fun and I love planning meals around the stuff that grows.
The Successes: Zuchinni. A few yummy cucumbers. A dozen daikon (Japanese raddish) that didn't get invaded by disgusting burrowing bugs. A few spaghetti squash. Green onions (did you know that you can stick the white rooty part in dirt and it will totally grow?). Garlic, put a few CLOVES into the dirt in the fall and they will grow into bulbs by the next summer. I have no idea how it works. Felt like magic. A few green beans. Lots of cherry and yellow pear tomatoes. A few Japanese eggplant (or "birdies" as Samuel calls them). It looks like a Japanese pumpkin is working.
The Not so Greats: I planted a bunch of tomatoes and the only big ones that worked were the Romas. Cilantro went to seed before it really flourished. Basil did, too. The dill was too sparse to ever really use. I didn't know when to pick the watermelons and cantaloupe so they are all grainy and scary when I cut the open. I planted pumpkins but none of them worked. Same with the peas (just enough to snack on while I watered). By the time I got to most of the cucumbers they were overgrown and freaky looking. Same with the Japanese eggplant. Same with the radishes. Same with the edamame. The carrots were sprouting and I accidentally blasted them with the hose. Same with the kabu (Japanese raddish). The one red pepper that has grown has a scary brown spot on it so I am afraid to touch it.
The Huhs?: Some mystery vines were growing in the eggplant and dill section and they ended up being cantaloupe of all things. I guess from the compost? We tried to start a new section of garden and anything we planted in it freakishly shriveled in two days.
Now, maybe since I recorded all my goods and bads, I will learn for next year. Or maybe I will always be a scattered gardener.


Kris Tina said...

cantaloupe? This sounds like a really exotic garden.

marilyn said...

I have to say that I am impressed with what I consider an ambitious garden adventure!


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