Saturday, June 14, 2008


We were just saying that we haven't done a very good job at recording this part of our lives. A photo of the kids eating together is a start, I guess. One day we will get a photo of us actually playing. Maybe it is better this way since these kids are way cuter than we are.
When I moved into this neighborhood three years ago I met a group of girls that got together weekly to play my favorite board game Settlers of Catan. It is crazy to think that we started that long ago. The group has grown and changed just like our families have. Samuel was just a baby and used to sit and eat Cheerios while we played and since then we have started there have been four new kids added to our families! It has been so much more than just playing a game. It is getting together with friends and talking about whatever issue is on our minds that day. It is our kids playing together and learning how to be a better mom from each other. It is relaxing and eating a bunch of snacks. I love this part of my life and am so grateful for it. So, Amber, Kami, and Julie, thank you for being my Settlers friends.


Annie P said...

I love Settlers. What a fun thing to do.

Kami said...

You're welcome! And thanks for being MY settlers friend because you are very cool, just like this blog. Good job keeping your life recorded...someday I'll do it too.

Anonymous said...

I have never played that game. Actually I have never heard of it. I am going to have to try it out. It sounds like a nice time for everyone.


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