Wednesday, June 18, 2008


June 6th was Karl's work Lagoon Day. Notice the WINTER COATS IN JUNE.

I have always known that Eva has a very calm dispostions but this is the TIDAL WAVE. Look how riled up all the people are around her. Maybe this is how she handles excitment. I don't know.

Excuse the poor quality cell phone photos. Samuel does show his excitement in a more conventional way. You can tell by his face which photo was taken when we were up high.


Michelle said...

Christina, Eva is SO funny. I laughed out loud and called Ben over to see the picture. He thought is was funny too.

Anonymous said...

What is up with the weather this year. It is crazy. You are a better mom than me I would have just bagged the whole trip to Lagoon, before I froze. Looks like a good time. Glad you weren't there the day Lagoon lost power to all the rides. People were stuck on the roller coasters.

Michelle said...

Too cute! Eva is so mellow. I love your blog, it's way entertaining! Can't wait to go to the candy factory next week. Take Care!

Emily said...

Yahoo! You're back in business!!!!!
I LOVE that first pic of Eva and Samuel -
Eva's expression on the Tidal Wave is classic.


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