Thursday, May 8, 2008

So, maybe this is why I hate getting dressed every morning...

It is so much more fun to dress Eva. Clothes are so much cuter when they are small like that. Since she grows, I can justifiably get her new stuff. I love it. From what I hear, I need to enjoy the fact that she will let me choose her clothes while I can, right?

She did this self-portrait at school. Can you tell which outfit she was wearing?

Hmmm, now which jeans and which lame t-shirt am I going to wear today?


Anonymous said...

Hey, what kind of kite is that? It looks nice. I bought the $2 special from the local hardware store for Freya.


Christina said...

Ryan, I got them at Costco. But after working with it for a while Karl wanted me to go get a cheap one. It had to be super windy for them to work at all.

Anonymous said...

The cheap one that we got works really well....although I've had cheap ones that won't work in any conditions.

jenncheney said...

WHAT!!! SHe's a cosmo girl!! So dang cute! I LOVE IT!!!

Yeah, I look at you and think that's why I wear the same blue skirt All the time!!! :)

Abbigail said...

Oh my! Little runway model! She is so beautiful and changed so much since I saw you last. Can't wait to see you again. We are coming in about two weeks!


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