Thursday, May 8, 2008

It may seem like we are out all the time...

But don't worry we are home plenty enough for Samuel to do things like THIS. As if I didn't hate potty training enough already (I actually quit the process with him twice before) he came running out of the bathroom and said, "the toilet paper won't go down." Yeah, that is what happens when you put the ENTIRE roll in the toilet. He, unlike Eva when she did this two years ago, was kind enough to unravel the whole thing and put the cardboard tube in the trash can.

The amazing thing was that it all made it down with a second flush, no plunger needed. Eva's incident recquired a call to my brother in law because we had just moved in and we didn't own a plunger yet, it was too late to load the kids up to go get one, and Karl was out of town.

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