Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Eva Eva Eva

Eva's year end recital.

Eva's bounce and facial expressions cracked us up. Thanks Grandma Geddes for taping this for us.

Things to love about Eva:

  • "You have the ability to see beauty in things that others see as nothing but ordinary." That was what her fortune said at Asian Buffet (Eva's favorite place to eat) and it was so true.

  • Today while in the tub you looked at the soap and said, "I know what that says, it says, 'Dove'!" I asked her how she knew (because the word is not very phonetic). She said, "Because it is like love but with a d." I thought to myself, "Of course you know how to spell love. It is just so you."

  • I asked you who your favorite princess was and after a while of thinking you said, "I know who the coolest is, it is that one that pretended to be a soldier." Mulan? How cool is that? There are so many reasons I am glad that you said that.

  • She is so patient with her mega energetic little brother. Watching (and hearing, they are quite vocal, those two) them play together is one of my favorite things ever.

  • I asked her what her favorite thing about the whole night was and she said getting a treat from her teachers.


Michelle said...

That was really cute! I loved reading about her. What a sweet girl.

Grandma Geddes said...

She is a natural dancer right down to her pointed toes! We loved seeing her dance. After I started the video I realized that I didn't know how to ZOOM IN with the camera. I wish everyone could have seen how her eyes and face sparkled. She did an awesome job. It was worth over three hours of driving to see three minutes of dancing! Love Grandma

Adri said...

What a cute little dancer. She sounds like such a loving little girl.

Heath'e' said...

That was absolutely adorable!!! She was SOO SOO good! She definitely has rhythm and was right on queue! Love her hip shaking!

Sean & Emily Volk said...

I love the dancing video! She was the best at following, and I'm not just saying that because we're cousins! She's a doll!

five-one-and-a-half said...

What a sweet girl! She sounds like a wonderful big sis!

Anonymous said...

They did such a good job. You should be so proud. I am glad you shared those darling moments. She sounds just like her mother, very smart and witty.

Kris Tina said...

She really means business in this video. Dancing business, that is.

Kathryn said...

Here it is three years later. I am surfing through some of the posts on this amazing blog. It made my evening to see Eva dance again. She is a doll!


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