Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Nihon Matsuri (Japanese Festival)

On Saturday, the 26th, we went downtown for the 4th annual Japanese Festival.When I think festival I think food. Samuel is eating yakitori, grilled chicken, on a stick. No offense to the food people, but the food was overpriced and gross. Sad. We want to have our own food booth at the next one (at least it was fun talking about it).

They had some cute activities for kids. Samuel started coloring his fish kite and then after a couple minutes threw the market down and said, "This is stupid."
But once we put the kite together he loved it.
Once again, his feet aren't really on the ground. Look how much fun he is having with that thing. It kind of makes you wonder why we buy $30 toys when they have so much fun with free stuff.

Eva seems to have much more patience for the crafty stuff. She has amazing cutting skills.

Eva's finished product.

You know, it is no wonder where my love of food comes from. I am thinking about starting a blog based just on how much I love it. This photo kind of explains where I get it from. Even though we bought a boat load of gross food and had a huge bag left over, my parents decided to give one more booth a try. One of my favorite memories of visiting Japan with my parents is stopping at the little food stands and buying something to eat when we were on the way to eat at restaraunts.

Since I was already so negative about the food I will not write much about all the freaky people there who thought a Japanese Festival was a good place for them to wear their favorite Chinese accessories or to dress up as their favorite anime characters. We really did have a good time.


Courtney said...

I am glad that you said the food wasn't that good because I don't have to drool for nothing. The pictures are decieving.

Kris Tina said...

What are you saying? I thought I looked great in my Chinese dragon outfit.

Heath'e' said...

Seriously How cute are your kids!! I love Eva's outfit, curly hair and giant flower. SO cute. Looks like fun, even if the food wasn't that great!

Anonymous said...

Sounds crazy, but it looks cools. I haven't seen your mom forever. I miss her. I always ask April when I see her how they are doing. Tell her hello from me. What a neat experience for your kids.


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