Friday, April 4, 2008

Mission Reunion!

We don't have many mission reunions because President Evans lives in Tokyo so I was really excited. I only recognized a handful of the missionaries. I think it is because a) President Evans went to Japan for the last half of my mission so most of the missionaries there served after I was done or b) because I am getting old. Sister Evans is an amazing person and one of my favorite memories is taking her to the little Japanese grocery store when she first arrived to help her get her groceries. Samuel was at my parents house with a fever, poor guy. It was so weirdly quiet and calm to just have one kid there.


Adri said...

I can't believe your little boy is sick still. I hope he gets feeling better soon.

Courtney said...

There is that cute dress again- you are a dream mom. I hope you had fun at the reunion.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the reunion was good. I am sorry sorry Samuel is still sick. Not good for either of you.


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