Monday, November 5, 2012

samuel: special day

It was a special day for Samuel.  He was baptized and confirmed a member of our church.

He was surrounded by friends, family, and so so so much love.  
He was excited for leis.  And Samuel, being the Samuel he is, got so many leis.  
 It was sweet to see him so happy.  
 Life will always be exciting for this boy.  He likes living on the edge, he likes pushing the limits, he likes doing things just because he felt like it.  I am so glad that he knows that even if he does happen mess up (because who doesn't mess up these days?), he knows that he can repent.  This isn't the easy road, in so many ways.  But I know that Samuel can do it.  He is such a good boy with a great big huge giant heart.  
 He was surrounded by special people all day.  And showered with love.  
We are so grateful for all of the love that came his way.  From near, far, and up above. 
So very grateful.

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