Friday, July 13, 2012

baby maximus: thank you from us

Everyday, I am grateful.  And today I can't stop thinking about how grateful I am for all the people that have helped us.  
In so many ways.
I believe in thank you cards.  I love the whole concept.  And it has really really been bugging me that I haven't sent them out.  People really need to be thanked.

I get overwhelmed at how much thanks really needs to be sent out there for all the things that I know about.  Then I get overwhelmed because I know there is so much that people did that I don't even know about.  I know there were adorable things like Tang stands and snow cone stands where Max's little friends raised money to help cover the medical bills.  I know that there were generous thinks like families gave precious money or time, in a time  when both seem to be so scarce.  I know there were courageous things like emptying my fridge or cleaning my toilets :). It's hard to start listing because then I would never be able to stop. And, like I said, there is so much that we don't even know about. People took time out of their days and came to the rescue.  People prayed for us.  People offered.  All these things mean so much to us.

I will admit, I was nervous to accept a lot of help, because  my stupid cynical self thought each action or thing that was given to me automatically gave the person a ticket to judge me. Like what if I ordered pizza, and they didn't waste their money like that and then that would make me a big jerk.  But then I realized that people are a lot kinder than my stupid cynical self.  And that's a good lesson for me to learn.

I know we aren't out of the water yet, but I feel like it's about time I show a little gratitude.  And maybe one day I will get on it and make time to do exactly what I want to do.  But until then, this post will just have to do.

So humor me a minute and pretend this is a card.  A real one.  Excuse, the cheesy caption.  Maximus randomly raised his hands and so Eva and Samuel copied:
So, to you that helped my family so, a personal note...

Several weeks ago, Maximus got hurt.  My family was not equipped to handle this on our own.  In so many ways we were inadequate.  We were so ill-equiped for this type of trauma that we didn't even know how to ask for help, really.  But that is where you came in and helped.  It's almost like Baby Maximus came to this earth straight from God to bring out the good in people. Even without the accident.  But with the burns it has become just so obvious. And since I am his mom, I get to witness that, and that makes me kind of lucky.  We thank you for your example of how to be a kind, giving, supportive, loving, generous person.  If we have ever made deposits into the service bank, we have definitely gone into overdraft at this point and we are inspired to do better.  Thanks to you.  I thank you.  My family thanks you.  No, really.  We are super super grateful.

With love and aloha,
Karl, Christina, Eva, Samuel, and Maximus

And then I take this fake card (with real thanks) and put it in its fake envelope and pretend that I send it off to you.  And I might have to pretend that this will suffice.


Kat Clark said...

We are still praying. The kids prayers have a new staple. It sounds like this, "dear Heavenly Father, grateful for this day, grateful for my family, please bless we'll have a good sleep, please bless baby Max..." and then whatever random thing enters their brains.
We love you guys so much. We miss you too. I'm so glad that there has been joy to your summer vacation after all. Please keep taking help because I'm a turd and haven't really helped at all and I want to. I really do. Maybe when/if you come back I can help a lot more? I hope so.

jamie parker said...

We feel your thankfulness, Isrealsen Family! We sure are grateful for you in our lives:) Love you. Lots of continued prayer for your sweet family.


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