Saturday, October 1, 2011

pierced ears, ready to surf, door shutting, cute in his floatie, parent prom...

... you know, all the usual goings on.
Eva has been wanting her ears pierced but was afraid of the pain. She held off for a few years and then all of the sudden she decided she could do it.
Baby Maximus was standing on the surf board in just the right stance. No steps yet.
His latest (and not so greatest) form of entertainment is to go into a room shut the door, cry to be let out, and then whoever rescues him is greeted with a massive cheesy smile.

This little floatie cracks us up every time. Maybe it's because it's a little bit cartoony, maybe because it's a tiny bit girly, or maybe... okay, okay, it's probably just because we are completely enamored with every thing Maximus.

Parent prom? Yes. Parent prom at the church. They set up babysitting, they arranged the potluck, they decorated the place to the nines, all we had to do is dress up a little and show up. Awesome, right? I had an idea in mind for my outfit for a couple weeks. Seriously, four hours before the dance I went and bought the Chuck Taylors and got home in time to rip apart my bed sheet and sew my skirt. We had a blast. It was general consensus that parent prom was better than real prom, the one that took place ages ago for most of us. No self consciousness, no worries about who your date will be, no worries.
And after all that work and excitement, this is the only photo we got before the big event.  Baby formula in Karl's hand, messy house in the back ground, scary eyes, bad lighting... I guess that's what really makes the difference between parent prom and real prom.


Emily said...

Hello prom queen and king! How is it that you can make bed sheets look amazing and Karl can make holding baby formula look so manly?

Buchanans said...

Too cute! All of you! Miss you guys!

Malea said...

Here Here to that gorgeous couple that don't even look old enough to be all adult-ish! Bedsheets?!!!! How so very "Sound of Music Chic" of you.

I think I'd play that hide and go seek- cry- cheesy grin game with baby Max all day. Cutest baby ever!


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