Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011: Maximus

I have an idea.  I think that Halloween should be on the last Friday of October.  Kind of like the Thanksgiving thing.  That way, the kids celebrate at school, go to the parties, and do trick or treating all in one night.  
What do you think?
Instead, it has been like Halloween/Hanukah, Hallonukuh, or Hanukween.  In the sense that it has lasted for DAYS.  And the thing is, it still isn't even over.  Today our family busted out in  an impromptu Halloween version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  
But it is all fun stuff. 
I had no idea one little costume could be so fun.  And when I say little, I mean just about as little as it gets.  I had this idea for months and I have been so excited because it was just perfect for him and his squishy/sturdy little body and his waddling/ walking ways.
Baby Sumo.  
Here is a close up of his top knot.  Made from grosgrain ribbon.
 Here is the front view, complete
And the best view.
 And the proper sumo stance.

 Another shot of the stance.
 Little Baby Moosey lit up the room when he entered.  People started pulling out their cameras, some would fake wrestle with him, feeding him (no, really, people were giving him food right and left) and he was just cracking us up how he wandered around and waddled in true sumo fashion.  At our church, he got the prize and got a $5 gift card to McD's...

And then the next night we went to the church next door because that is where Samuel goes to Tiger Cubs.  And Maximus may have taken the prize there, too.  $10 cash.  I was a little embarrassed to be taking the prize.  Again.  
 If you look closely, you can see he is sporting his big money.
 I felt kind of like a pageant mom.  I can see how they can get hooked.  I was ready to hit some more costume contests, hee hee.  And isn't it going to be a great story that we can tell Maximus that we started his college fund with money that he won at a costume contest?


Kris Tina said...

This is ALMOST a little toddlers and tiaras but not quite - simply because he looks so awesome and in every picture - he knows it. Which makes it even more awesome.

Annie and Michael Whyte said...


Adri Ballingham said...

See what happens when you don't get on blogs forever. So much happens and it takes me forever to catch up. I love baby Max's costume... hilarious. He couldn't pull that look off here in the cold.
So excited about your house adventure... post pics when you get time. Hahaha... like we ever get time.

Lindsay said...


Emily said...

best. costume. ever.

he plays the part perfectly - I love it.


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