Wednesday, September 14, 2011

skipping to now... salt pond beach

I almost can't remember the whirlwind summer that we had.  Catching up is feeling like work.  So I keep avoiding it.  The now is so much more fun.

I just ordered a gigantic canvas of this photo of Samuel.  It is so very very Samuel.
 And so is this one.  He's showing me a crab.  I have to play it cool with these things and say, "That is awesome Samuel" instead of, "That is so gross."  If I show any alarm, I run the risk of him chasing me with it.  When that happens I have this involuntary laugh that makes it hard for him to know that I am really really serious that I want him to stop.

And this one just might be the most Samuel.  Feet not even on the ground, happy as can be, a million miles an hour.
Okay, okay, maybe this one is the most Samuel.  Total monkey, right?  He is using his feet to play in the sand.

This is Eva.  And this photo is very much her.  Pondering on the shore, light ocean breeze, soft billow clouds in the back ground... definitely Eva.  I love this one.  

But Iordered this one gigantic because she is looking at the camera.  I kind of regret it.  But regretting is kind of an annoying hobby of mine (but not as annoying as the involuntary laugh when I am really scared.)
 This one is also Eva.  Relaxing in the water with her dad.  Kicking back, not a care in the world.

 Little Moosey loves the beach.  He crawls around, tastes things, crawls around some more, sits, tastes some more, and crawls around.
 Here he is sampling what the beach sand has to offer.  Can you believe the scenery?

 Just another of him really feasting.  Don't worry, he usually just spits it out after a while.
 And in every stage I think to myself, "This is the cutest stage.  I love it.  I don't want him to change."  I always miss the stage once he moves on, but I seem to fall in love with the one that comes next soon enough.  
 The beach.  Bringing out the best in all the kiddos.  Letting them roam and not having to worry about the messes.  Because at the beach, you're supposed to get messy.  


Abbigail said...

beautiful children and lovely photos. I NEED to come and visit. Excited to see you in October.

Adri Ballingham said...

Great post! I loved all the photos and your kids are so cute.

Michelle said...

Love these pics... Love your kiddos! Miss you all! Are you coming to Utah for Christmas?

Emily said...

love these. . .

Courtney said...

That picture of Samuel is the best. Even though I know what a great photos you take, I am still amazed when I see them.

Heath'e' said...

Your photos are amazing! What a beautiful place to live. I can't believe how big and beautiful your kids are! (We'll I can believe it, it just seems like yesterday when Eva was turning 1.)


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