Tuesday, August 23, 2011

fossil hunting in delta

Summer adventure started out with a trip to Delta.  Adventure and Delta in the same sentence.  Ha.  Actually, my kids probably had as much fun here as they do anywhere. You wouldn't think that summer and puffy coats went together either but the weather was crazy.  Spring was basically non-existent.  It was kind of like winter over stayed and then slammed into the middle of the summer heat.
I love road trips less than I like flying with three kids.  If you haven't read my previous post, let me fill you in.  I hate them.  But a little In-N-Out and a Dunford Donut helped ease the pain.  
This is a shoe tree.  This tree shoes how boring the road is.  Someone threw shoes up in a tree for entertainment.
We checked into the nicest hotel in town.  *Insert comment about the world's tallest midget here*.  What I didn't know was that this hotel was going to feel like the Grand Hyatt compared to the place that we were staying the next night. 

My older two kids love to hold my giant baby.  It looks so funny and always makes me a little nervous.  It makes other people even more nervous.  I know because I see them fighting the urge to step in and help my kids.  They fight the urge then look at me like I am careless.  Maybe I kind of am.  I tell them my kids hold him all the time and it is okay and I pretend like I'm not nervous.  

Samuel packed his backpack for the hunt.  A grabby thing, a Curious George notebook (which soon fell apart because I bought it at the dollar spot at Target), a pencil and some other stuff that I can't remember.  Kicking myself for waiting so long to post because now I can't remember what else he had.  All I can remember is that it was funny and I never wanted to forget how cute it was.
The kids and the men went trilobite hunting.  They had a blast.  Big mountain, sharp rocks, pointy hammer things to split the rocks to expose the fossils... who wouldn't have a blast, right?
 I remember saying a lot of, "Samuel, don't go too high!"s and...
 "Careful when you throw stuff so you don't hurt anyone!"s 
But mostly I tried my best to let them have a good time because beside falling down a mountain and hurting themselves on all the sharp rocks, not much could happen.  Funny funny.  
 They found some cool stuff.
And I applaud their patience (and mine and my mom's for holding Maximus and keeping him safe the hold time all while trying to get comfy on the piles of sharp rocks). 
 Their reward?  Cool fossils.  My reward?  Good Mexican food.  Kauai doesn't have much of that.
If you are a fan of finding fossils (you may find this hard to believe but not everyone is), or maybe just enjoy splitting rocks, then I suggest you head over to good old Delta, Utah and find yourself a trilobite.  

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Emily said...

your pictures are amazing. I never knew grey rocks could be so beautiful.


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