Tuesday, May 3, 2011

easter 2011: finishing up with matchy matchy outfits

Samuel woke us up to tell us that the Easter bunny didn't come.  
Eva told us she cried twice already when she saw that he didn't come.

I must admit.  I don't ever actually remember ever believing (my parents are from Japan) in the magical bunny myself.  I didn't realize it would be such a big deal to them. 

Lucky for them, the Easter bunny had no problem missing the last bit of church and hiding the eggs around the house for them to find when they got home.  What a nice bunny to sacrifice his time like that.  (And yes, I do see the irony in this).

Eva, all excited to see that he finally came.
The kids checking out their collection.  Unfortunately, they are getting older so we couldn't just recycle the candy in our cupboards (tee hee, for the most part).
Baby Maximus and his giant hands palms the egg and tries to put it in his mouth, which was already occupied.
This is the get-everyone-outside-for-a-photo-to-remember-our-nice-day-come-back-here-and-sit-or-you'll-lose-all-your-candy photo.  
The baby was the easiest one to get to look at the camera, BTW.
There are so many reasons why I love this age.  Just one more reason, I can put him in an outfit with smocking and embroidered bunnies on the front and he doesn't complain.  
The outfits came together easier than I thought they would.  Maximus is sporting a hand-me-down.  I love hand-me-downs with all my heart.  Eva's dress was a K-mart special.  On an island where our shopping choices are seriously limited (I'm not complaining.  It's like I'm at fat camp.  Only for shoppers.  I am at shop camp) good ol' K-mart pulled through.  I mentioned earlier that I had a goal not to buy clothes for a while.  I have done really well.  This was my first non-garage sale clothing purchase. You're welcome, landfills :).  I actually don't really like the dress much at all.  But it matched, the price was right, and it came with a matching doll dress.  I shortened the sleeves on the cardigan (we hardly ever need long sleeves here and I wanted her to wear it) and turned the sleeves into ruffles.  I also moved the bow to the side and turned that headlight of a rose into her headband.  It went from about a 2 to a 7.  Oh, and Samuel's shirt?  It showed up in the mail, thanks to Grandma, the day before Easter.  We didn't even know she was sending clothes.  Opened it up and it was a matchy shirt!  Lucky.  So, if this no buying clothes thing is for the budget, I am happy to report that I only spent $11.99 on this whole shabang (and that is including an outfit for the doll.  Hooray!  Even the doll matches!).

the dress before I chopped it up
Sadly, we didn't have any ties to tie dye eggs like the last couple of years.  I am sure the kids were grateful.  They get sick of it after about 2 minutes because it feels more like work (heaven forbid).  And we also missed rolling (throwing, chasing, smashing) eggs down Old Main Hill like years in the past.  I also missed my family, terribly, but I already said that.

But there was plenty of scavenging for candy, dying boiled eggs fluorescent colors (plus glitter this year), eating eggs with said colors on them wondering if it's really okay, taking away candy from kids that choose not to have their ears work, sticky melted candy since we haven't learned how to deal with the humidity, Easter bunny letdowns and redemptions, and, of course, matchy matchy outfits.


Michelle said...

Christina, you are A-Mazing!!!! That cardigan is the cutest ever. I love it. What a magician.

As for the bunny forgetting. Oops! The tooth fairy has had a few close calls in our house. Too funny, and kinda sad. I hope you guys are doing well.

Kristi said...

Kay would be so proud!

pamela said...

sometimes i get tired of maintaining the facade of all these holiday characters! and hooray for clothes in the mail!

Eric and Laura said...

I love that you modified the dress! You are so talented! I wish my brain worked that way...maybe I just need to spend more time around you & some of it will rub off? :-)

Abbigail said...

Eva's dress turned out adorable. You are truly a whiz! I believe that Maximus' outfit also came in the mail from a Grandma for little Harry. I am glad it got some good use, because he only wore it once or twice to church since it never really fit him well. I love smocking on babies, even boy babies. I am old fashioned like that.

Alyse said...

Ditto to what Michelle said, you are amazing! My favorite line in the post was about the fat camp for shoppers. LOL!


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