Monday, April 11, 2011

hiking for beginners

Hiking. Like camping, when I hear the word I think, "work." Like our camping trip, this was short and sweet and the gratification outweighed the work. The red rocks, the tropical plants, the canyon view, and the misty clouds all made the scenery so beautiful it almost seemed unreal.

So, tell me, why does it seem like I sometime lug my "real" camera around at times when I don't want to take that many photos and then l come here and I leave it in the car? I am amazed at and grateful the quality of the camera phone and how far they have come.

Karl's brother and his family just visited and we played non-stop. Even with a ten day visit, we didn't get to do everything we wanted to. Who knew that an island I knew nothing about just months ago would have so much to offer?


Abbigail said...

I didn't realize that they were visiting for ten days. How fun!

Adri said...

Wow... that looks beautiful.


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