Sunday, April 3, 2011

happy birthday to karl

Karl's birthday was last week.
I asked Samuel what kind of party we should have for Dad and he said, "An AWESOME party."  So awesome we did.
To make the morning special I made a crepe breakfast.  To make it even more special I made everyone personalized "awesome" hats.  I got the hat template from here, she is a party genius.  We thought the baby looked so cute in his mini hat.  But then again, we think everything about Maximus is cute.  He is showing off his tongue tied-ness here.  That is as far as he can stick it out and it pulls in the middle to make a little heart shape.  Oh, wait, this post is about Karl?  
 Crepes, Nutella, strawberries, berries, real maple syrup, bananas, strawberry cream cheese, peanut butter, and Karl entertaining the kids...
 Seems to me that breakfast is sometimes a way to just pack in a bunch of sugar in the morning.  But, hey, it was a celebration.
 To make the afternoon special, we headed to Grind Cafe for some local food for lunch
and stopped at Glass Beach.  The beach is actually full of little pebbles of smooth beach glass.  I guess once upon a time it was a glass dump.  Or something like that.  
I couldn't be there for the evening but to make it special I set up a big ol junk food and movie fest for them.  I bought all the junk food that Karl has ever shown interest in, popcorn, pizza rolls, nachos, root beer, M & Ms,  Robin Eggs, Fritos...and set up a laptop so they could watch a movie and have a party while I was gone.  And I was gone so I didn't have to witness Samuel having Red Vines and Hi-Chews for dinner. 
We did cake the next day.  You know, to drag out the celebration.  Just kidding, we ran out of hours on the birthday clock and we kind of forgot.  This photo shows the mess, that Eva still wasn't done with dinner, Karl's excellent candle extinguishing skills, and just how surprised Maximus looks half the time.  

Celebrating without extended family puts a lot of pressure on the immediate family.  The plus side is that we can wing it and do whatever.  And we are very good at that.


Annie P said...

Happy Birthday to Karl!
I love the pictures of Maximus' face while he is watching his dad. So funny.
Everytime (which isn't very often) we have a junk night I think - Christina would not be impressed. So I am happy to know you do it too. :)

Abbigail said...

Happy birthday to Karl, you guys know how to party!,,

Kathryn said...

Looks like an AWESOME Party!! Wish I could have been there.


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