Wednesday, March 30, 2011

remembering the new

I went to help with "Measurement Day" in Eva's class today. I made note of a few things that, when we first arrived, stood out to me because they were so different than what I am used to.

The kids keep their bags outside and then bring their work in. They remove their shoes before going in the classroom. When the kids were saying the Pledge of Allegiance I noticed that Eva was one of many dark haired kids, not just the only one. Although she is the only girl with short hair. And on the playground is the grandest tree I have ever seen.

It didn't take us long to get used to the new ways and new things. But today I was trying to remember all the things that stood out when we first arrived, I realized how easily things become normal to us. So here's to hoping that blue skies, beach days, outdoor adventures, lovely produce, a fun loving culture, and all the other beauties of Kauai... as they become normal to us, stay appreciated.


pamela said...

i love your new normal! its a normal i'd take any day. beautiful.

Abbigail said...

That tree and that slide! Great. Glad u remember to notice the differences. I still can't believe how tall our trees are here in Indiana compared to Utah.

Adri said...

I love how all the shoes in the hall are flip flops... REALLY?!?! My kind of school for sure! Love it!

Lindsay said...

I remember hanging our backpacks up outside when I was little in California. But we didn't do the shoe thing, just think of all those cute little barefooted kids. :)


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