Friday, March 18, 2011

food find: winged bean

The island is a true melting pot.  With all the countries of origin, come all the different accents.  The dialogue went like this:
-what's this?
-a wing bean.
-a what? 
-a wing bean.
-? (It was more of a face, nor really words.  Were they saying string bean?)
-(flapping her arms to show us) like an angel.  WING bean.  
-(feeling stupid) Ohhhh, a WING bean.  

We asked how you eat them.  She said boil them and eat them like a bean.  I am sure there was more to it but she probably didn't want to have to repeat herself three times and then act it out.

Here are our wing beans or winged beans.  I ended up throwing them in our miso soup. 
I can't find any miso soup bowls on the island.  It is bugging me.  Maybe after you drink miso soup out of a certain kind of bowl for thirty something years, it just doesn't feel right to use anything else. 

It worked and they made it on my "buy again someday" list.  They passed the family test.  Maybe it's the light crunch and the mild flavor but I think it is the cool cross section that won the kids over.  Who ever said looks don't matter, didn't have kids.  

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Abbigail said...

Funny. Those are pretty and look yummy. Can u please give me your recipe for miso soup?


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