Friday, March 11, 2011

food find: lilikoi

Our first experience with the lilikoi was in pie form for dessert at a popular noodle place called Hamuras. It is a merengue pie and because of its springiness, we call it "boingy pie."   It is so light, it kind of melts in your mouth.  Not all lilikoi pies are created equal.  We have been to two places that claim to have the best.  This one is the winner in our book.

The actual fruit it a type of passion fruit.  We picked one to at the farmers market and tried it to realize that there is a reason that people mostly use the fruit to flavor things rather than eat it straight.  Too seedy, tart, and slimy.  

blurry photo of the lilikoi
So the name "passion fruit" is kind a misnomer for this guy.  At least for me.  But the pie is something to be passionate about.

Just ask Eva.  She loves lilikoi pie.  So much so, that we got her one to celebrate her birthday.

And speaking of birthdays.  It's mine today.  And my wish is to have this cake.

I saw it a few days ago on this blog and I can't stop thinking about it.  

Will somebody please build me this cake?


Amy said...

Yum! Happy Birthday!!! You totally deserve that cake. I hope you find one.

Abbigail said...

That cakes looks perfect! Marshmallow? Wow. I want one too and it is not my birthday.
I hope you guys celebrate well and that the tsunami scare didn't ruin your day. Memorable at least. :) Hope your family in Japan is safe.

Adri said...

Happy Birthday day and that chocolate cake look so good. Where did you find it and did it come with a recipe?

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Christina. You are amazing and I hope your day is wonderful!

Malea said...

I love you Hawaii experience so far. It will make my upcoming Hawaii trip way more fun to try things you have tried. Happy Birthday!


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