Wednesday, February 23, 2011

valentines day our island way

We celebrated. We made about a billion of these cats. Karl was grumbling something about being able to go to K-mart and buying some but the kids wanted to make these kitties and well, you know me, if I can spend more time and money making it, then go for it.

The kids enjoyed the valentine packages from grandparents. Grandparents know how to dote all the way across the ocean so nice of them.

And though not as fancy and lovely (okay, and I'll admit, not as delicious. Samuel couldn't stand it at all) as when I have all my pots and dishes and ingredients, we had our annual Valentine fondue.

I guess the the day was about comfort. Making stuff, giving stuff, getting stuff, traditions... Like a heart themed Christmas.

Merry Valentines Day!


Adri said...

Happy Valentine's Day. I love all the pictures of you guys on the beach... so jealous!

Emily said...

it's totally unfair that you get to live in paradise. . . with a K-mart.

I love the Valentine's cats (with pencils!) you're a genius.

I miss your fondue.


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