Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Despite my pleas, Baby Maximus, or Maximoose as we have been calling him because of his girth, has continued to get older.  
Here he is, balancing his big baby belly on his big baby thighs.  It all adds up to something that looks like a baby sitting up.
The Bumbo.  Didn't have one with Eva or Samuel.  They are great.  Got this one at a garage sale.  The mom just gave it to me.  Nice, right?  He doesn't look like a new baby at all anymore.  Especially with his little tan on his face.  
Look at those chubbers.  

Chubby legs, chubby feet, chubby hands, chubby neck, even chubby arm pits!  Who knew that armpits could be so chubby?
Today seemed like an off day.  Maybe it is because grandma and grandpa just left.  Maybe it is because I had stuff to get done.  But whatever the case, he didn't sleep much and and seemed so hungry all the time.  He seems so much more alert, too.  He started grabbing things like his foot, his toy, Karl's nose...  At dinner time, Karl gave him a grain of rice.  Maximus worked on it for a while and then it was gone.  Karl gave him another, another and before I knew it, Samuel and Eva were feeding him.  And though it seems like we must be breaking some sort of baby book rule, we gave him some avocado, too.  Because it was fun.  He downed it.  I have no desire to change "real food" diapers (sorry TMI) so I am hoping to hold off as long as I possibly can within that window that "they" say is okay for a baby.  But if Maximus is going to insist on more food to keep up that figure of his, we might have to cave in.

Seems like he went from teensy newborn to big Buddha baby overnight.  Sigh...


Abbigail said...

double sigh. He is amazing though. I love the chubby armpits.
I never got much use out of my bumbo. Seemed like a marketing ploy. Harry would get in it and try to grab everything and started to cry. His fat legs would barely go into the seat.
Maximoose looks pretty cute in those clothes. ;)

Adri said...

Awwwhhhh.... I love chubby babies. He is so cute. I think you may have to cave in on the real food idea. He looks like he needs something solid to keep him full.

Kari said...

He is so adorable and yes growing so fast!


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