Sunday, December 19, 2010

time is flying

I was just looking for the power cord to my computer and saw my stack of magazines.  Unread.  That is the way they have been for two months now.  
That means that for two months the life I have been living has left me too busy to read about how to live it.  

Karl took this photo four days before Maximus was born.  This was after we went up to Ruth's Diner for breakfast.  This was my last breakfast out.  I am kind of useless in the mornings now.

I got kind of emotional when I found this picture (the benefit of being forgetful is that there is always a nice surprise waiting for you).  My kids loved Baby Maximus before he was even born.  They were always hugging, and rubbing, and kissing my belly.  I am not squeezing Samuel as it might look, he is cuddling Baby Maximus.  

Maximus is two months old now.  I have been getting sad because he is outgrowing his first set of clothes and moving on to 3-6 month clothes.  It is crazy to look at this big boy and think that he fit inside me just two months ago.  

I have been taking little videos of Maximus just being a baby.

Here is one of what I call a Minute of Maximus.
This little piggy stayed home...
Moving, cooing, snorting, sneezing, and finally pooping (tee hee) Maximus.  
His body is still figuring out the whole breathing thing.  Until it does, it is providing a little bit of entertainment.

Right after I had Eva, I was flying home from Chicago.  Babies and flying are a lot of work.  I remember looking at a lady reading a novel and thinking to myself that I am never going to be able to read on the plane again.  But the kids got older and before I knew it, I was reading on an airplane.  So I had another. Because it didn't seem quite right that I was already in that stage of life.  The stage where I peacefully read on an airplane (and wonder whose kid is making so much noise). 
And before I know it, I am going to read my pile of magazines.  And I am pretty sure it is going to make me a little sad.


Abbigail said...

What a beautiful photo!
Maximus is a lucky boy to have such a loving family.
Freya is not too interested in Harry when in my stomach or out. ;) Oh well.
Reading is awfully nice, but not as nice as snuggling a new baby.
He snorts just like his cousin Harry. He still snorts a bit, not as much as before.

amelia and crew said...

Wowwee, that video had it all!

Adri said...

Love the video... Oh I miss that sooo much. The cute baby noises the baby poop... not the big boy poop that should be in a toilet.

Malea said...

That video was so dang cute. He just looked like he had given his all...and was spent at the end. I hope you are able to continue to enjoy this...along with all the changes that are happening in your life:))

Michelle said...

That was cute. It is so amazing how alert babies get so soon. He seems older than 2 months, or maybe I'm just forgetting what 2 months was like. Either, way he's cute.

I love the photo and Samuel's cute kissy-face smashed into your belly. And Eva. So sweet. I'm sad she and Ella aren't friends. Let's do an arranged roomate assignment when they go to college. !?


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