Thursday, October 28, 2010

happy halloween! 2010

Samuel chose Astro Boy. Check out those legs! I made the bottoms shorts and he said they needed to be shorter. I wasn't sure how little black unders (what's up with super heroes and those anyway?) would go over in public so we compromised by rolling them up. The hair was a HUGE challenge and Karl spent a ton of time getting Samuels hair to stay like that. And for the record, we were all surprised that Samuel would wear this. We were afraid to look at him wrong I fear that he would freak out and refuse to wear it.
Eva wanted to be a fairy of some sort. But I bought the jacket on clearance last year and she had all the other stuff. Sweet Eva. Willing to be a girl that she knows nothing about (which is probably a good thing), mostly just happy to be wearing lipstick. You see, Pink ladies have a special place in my heart. My besties all the way back from high school, we called ourselves the Pink Ladies or Pinks for short. It sort of stuck. All the way until now. It was mostly an ironic name because we were nothing like the girls in the movie. Even more ironic that it took us until now to realize just how ironic it was.
We tried so hard to talk Samuel into sporting his leather jacket for the occasion but he refused. Karl stepped up for his little girl.
With Maximus, I just couldn't resist. I totally don't understand the Pillow Pet craze but it was worth it just to see him like this. I wasn't even sure the kid was going to be here by Halloween and we for sure aren't going out but just for the pictures... he's a pillow, he's a pet, he's a Pillow Pet!
And me? I'll be that girl on the couch, probably wearing stretchy pants, holding a baby that is still in the sweet sleepy stage that is swaddled in her arms.
Happy Halloween!


pamela said...

oh the pillow pet. i love that. i'm going to try to do it with my baby, even though she is too big.

**we have one and my son sleeps with it and it's the smelliest thing on earth.

Michelle said...

Samuel is totally looking like Mondo from Project Runway. I love it.

What a cute little family.

Kris Tina said...

Just fyi - I still have my pink lady jacket (thanks to Kristi) - and Samuel's legs are ridiculously awesome.

Adri said...

Love all the costumes... so cute!

Emily said...

The Astro Boy costume rocks! My boys are jealous. They always ask for Astro Boy hair and it's always cut too short to really make it happen.

Olivia said...

I love the picture of Eva and Karl!!! SO CUTE!

Malea said...

My kids are begging for a pillow pet for christmas! I had no idea it was a craze. But lil Max is just darling. And your bigger kids...and your biggest boy (the hubs) look great in the costumes! McKay always asks to watch "Astro Boy" but forgets to add the "tro" in the title. Then I always say, "now what movie is it that you want to see?" So I can hear him repeat it over and over; like a good parent should;) Hope you are getting some rest, supah mama!

Kathryn said...

That is quite a Halloween crew! Love it!


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