Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the arrival

Labor and delivery were a whirlwind of chaos and confusion with our first two. In the planning ahead department, we just don't seem to do very well. So we tried to be prepared for this baby. Since Eva was three weeks early, I had the back packed four weeks early.
The doctor told us that if I has progressed to a certain point at my next appointment that it would be best to just stay at the hospital and get things started for fear that I wouldn't even make it to the hospital. You see, we are low in the patience department, too. When my kids want out, they fly out. Both Eva and Samuel were born about an hour and a half after I arrived at the hospital.
So, after lunch, we headed back to the hospital, a few TMIs (I'll just say that labor is not for wimps and delivery is not for the fainthearted and all that stuff afterwards is not for those with a weak stomach) and walks around the labor and delivery floor, and five hours later, I held the sweet little Baby Eva Look- Alike in my arms.
I had forgotten how cute the little squeaks and scowls are. I have forgotten how soft they are. So much so that it feels like my sandpaper hands are going to hurt him when I pick him up. I had forgotten how fragile and sensitive to the outside world they are.
A head (and back and shoulders :)) full of dark hair and little farmer man hands, there is no doubt that he is one of ours.


Michelle said...

I'm tearing up right now. So happy for you. He totally looks like Eva. Wow!! A little angel straight from heaven, huh?

Liz O. said...

Wonderful! Amazing! Congratulations! You described everything so perfectly. I felt the same about sandpaper hands on the baby's brand new, sweet, soft skin. A new baby is just a breath of heaven to hold.

So, I guess that means I am too slow to invite you to swim at my parents? Why do I take so long to do anything?!?!?

Amy said...

Oh Christina! He is beautiful!!! I can't wait to hear about the days and weeks to come as you get to know this little guy. Congrats!

Adri said...

Awwwhhhhh... he is so cute! Congrats to you and your whole family. I am way jealous... I love that new born stage. What little miracles they are! Let me know if you need anything!

Alyse said...

Love him. What a cutie. Congrats.

Good luck with the whole naming business.

pamela said...

congratulations! how wonderful. this is one lucky kid!

Nikki said...


Emily said...

Aw, precious. perfect.
you couldn't have said it any better.
congratulations - on your new little marvel.

Courtney said...

Many congratulations. So glad he is here. I can't wait to meet him.

Abbigail said...

He is perfect.
You were smart to get him started in the hospital instead of the mad rush to the hospital.
Labor is not for the faint of heart.
These new babies are amazing and fragile. I had forgotten too.


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