Friday, June 18, 2010

free summer fun

Sometimes I watch these kids have a blast, when not a penny has been spent and it makes me wonder why I ever spend money so they can have fun.  Scrolling through my pictures I found a few...

Here are the cousins doing the Hokey Pokey.  They were laughing so hard, Eva couldn't even stand.  (I did pick up the matching dresses last fall on the clearance rack, but that had nothing to do with how much fun they were having).
Free movies in the park.  They could be showing an instructional video on how to clean your bathroom.  My kids wouldn't care.  It is the idea of sitting outside at night watching something on that giant screen.
Forts.  Chairs, blankets, pillows... yes it makes a mess but it doesn't cost a penny and they have a blast.  

Boxes.  They love them.  This looks as dangerous as it looks.  I don't remember how many times they hurt themselves before the figured out that standing in the box together was dangerous.  But they were laughing so hard in between the crying.  

What are some free things that your family finds fun?


Malea said...

Playing "superman" on my feet while I do lower tummy exercise, flashlight shadow puppets, charades (just played today in fact), midnight walks and bike rides in the cul de sac, feeding the ducks at our pond (and most recently catching them and keeping them as pets for a while),pranks on each other, campouts in the playhouse, "parkour" on the playhouse (dangerous but fun), tickle fests in the hammock, painting faces and doing "raindances", bum wars on the trampolene, catch in the yard, white people krumping contests (also done today)......

Abbigail said...

Free fun with siblings and cousin... absolutely the best. I am jealous that you all live so close to family.
Kitty had a friend over yesterday for a few hours and I was impressed with how much fun that had doing pretty much nothing. Jumping on the tramp, playing pet store, pushing each other on the swing, etc. It was nice to see them play together so well and have such a fun time.
You are sure getting a lot of blogging done on your trip. :)

Emily said...

so true. . . kids totally don't know the difference between free and a hundred bucks.

I love the matching dresses. :)

Sheralie said...

Two of mine have a lengthy game, called "sick" that they play for hours at a time. Involves pillows, blankets, moans, doctor set etc.

I guess they like being sick better than being healthy at our is all for the unlimited juice!


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