Friday, January 8, 2010

our many days of christmas 2009

Like many, we have family Christmas traditions. 
One of them is to be late to the family Christmas party.  This year we were mega super late.  But everyone was so nice and waited to sing a few songs so we could join in.  I love seeing all these grown men singing how they are a Little Gypsy Girl.
Among other traditions we enjoyed:
 -dancing around the tree
-a meal complete with cheesy-Mormon-funeral-au gratin potatoes (I love them but I hardly ever make them because they don't taste so good once you see what goes into them so I make sure to eat a ton at family functions) 
-a talent show (Eva wrote and read a short story and Samuel said a poem)
-tarts with a nut hidden in a few.  Whoever gets a nut in his or her tart gets a prize.  Karl wins every single year.  And if he doesn't win, he cheats so it looks like he wins.
-an ornament/gift on the tree for each of the great grandkids
-lots of catching up with cousins that live all over the country
After the big party we went to Karl's mom's to open presents with cousins and siblings.  Eva really wanted to do the Christmas nativity thing but no one else did.  Poor Eva.  She is such a good girl. After everyone cleared out, Karl and I played Pinochle with Kathryn and Gordon until the wee hours of the morning.  I love that game.  Even though we didn't win, I still love it.
The next day we went to Karl's dad's to see more family.  It is no wonder my  kids love Christmas.  It is one giant, indulgent season.  We joined them in their Christmas Eva fondue.  It is so fun.  And, really, where else am I going to have deer, wild boar, bison and beef fondue?  Pretty impressive.
As soon as we pulled up to the house Samuel saw the hill and said, "I want to slide down that hill."  Samuel was so light, he went down the hill and all the way across the yard.  Then the big boys tried and didn't quite make it that far.  It left a big hole in the track.  So after that, anyone that tried would crash when they hit the hole.

We then packed up and headed home in time to put milk and cookies out for Santa, celery and apples for the reindeer, and cheese for the mice (the kids insisted).  Oh, and the elves left PJs for the kids.  
And read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and told a little bit about the birth of Christ.
Then off to bed for the two little ones and Karl and I spent the whole night getting ready for the big morning.


Emily said...

I love the Little Gypsy Girl tradition. I remember reading about that last year - hilarious.

The cookies and celery (and cheese) are great too. . . Aw, I miss Christmas.

Lindsay said...

O.k. Christina, I totally bend over right in front of the camera during Gypsy Girl. That is so embarassing! I will be sure to be more careful next year.

Abbigail said...

Do I dare watch the video? I am enjoying my ignorance. Hooray for traditions!

Dianne said...

About Karl cheating at the nut game...A couple of years ago, he sneaked in the kitchen, found another nut, and put it in his tart. He had poor Grandma so confused about why there was one more winner than how many prizes she had. You're right. He does win every year. Lucky.


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