Thursday, October 15, 2009

so glad i am a camera freak

Sometimes I think that I should put down the camera and just try and live in the moment. But, well, me being me, after I live in the moment I forget the moment.

Today I was wishing that I was even more of a camera freak when the kids were tiny. Was working on a project (like always) and started looking through old photos. Found these and smiled.

I am so glad that I picked up (or didn't put down, whichever) the camera.
This was up at Bear Lake. He wasn't even a year old. He was loving the water but from the looks of things, he was loving the soggy sand even more. He kept sticking his face in it.
From the beginning, my kids have loved to bath. When Samuel was tiny, if he heard the water running, he used to strip down on the spot and just take off for the tub. To this day, if Karl or I tries to take a bath and Samuel is awake, chances are high that Samuel will just invite himself in. If this is a hereditary trait, they get it from their dad. Not that I don't bath. I just wouldn't consider myself a recreational bather like these three. They used to be so little that they could bath in the sink. Eva in the big part, Samuel in the little part. It was perfect and I didn't have to bend down to wash them.

We went to a corn maze long ago. Don't remember much about it. Good thing I have the pictures. Good thing I can look back and remember how much fun it was to dress her when she was so tiny.
And sleeping. Seeing my kids sleep never gets old. I love the way that Eva looks so tiny on her big bed. I love the way that Samuel's legs are curled under.

So, if you see me with my camera plastered to my face. It is not because I am a stereotypical Japanese tourist. It is because I so do not want to forget these moments. These pictures make me happy.

I was looking through old pictures because I was trying to finish this project. Seeing that some years I didn't have much to choose from just makes me resolve to take more pictures:

I was inspired by my friend who was inspired by a Pottery Barn catalog or something like that. Here is how I did it:
I spray painted a branch and some can lids (I have a can opener that leaves not sharp edges. The pack rat in me started saving them a few weeks ago. The pack rat in me didn't have a plan but wouldn't let Karl put them in the recycling because the pack rat in me knew that I was going to make something out of them and it was going to be awesome and free. The pack rat in me was so so right).

I stuck the branch in the black planter and anchored it with rocks, green floral foamy block things, and covered the top with moss. Pack rats just happen to have that kind of stuff in their stash.

I printed pictures from each Halloween since Eva was born and cut them in circles and stuck them in the can lids.

I punched a hole in each one, tied a ribbon, and hung them up. The kids got a kick out of seeing themselves. I got a kick out of seeing Samuel as Nacho Libre when he was 2.

Note: Eva's arm is extra long because she is wearing my robe.
Another note: I have those tools because pack rats have tools to cut circles and punch holes in metal. They make the project so easy and you never have to pay full price with all the coupons craft stores put out.

Besides the Halloween tree and a couple other decorations, our house is not very Halloweeny. My kids let me know that. Eva is working on the decorations to change that. Here is her skeleton that she made. It is in our front window now. I love the one purple foot. She ran out of black paint.

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Abbigail said...

I am dying over the old photos of the kids. Melts my heart. I too was going through old photos last night for a photo book and it was so sweet. I have some good ones of your kids I will have to send you.
The Halloween tree is ADORABLE! I want to make one, but do not have all of those crafty things on hand. And, with only one child, not that many halloween photos to put up. Maybe I can include Sam and Eva on my tree? I am throwing a halloween party, so I am off to Michaels today to get some decor to make my house halloweeny. I usually don't do such things because I am not that into halloween and Kitty hates witches and ghosts.

Courtney said...

i am coveting.

Michelle said...

Such a cute idea! I love the photo tree and the cute kids looking up at it.

Rich said...

Those pictures are so adorable! Eva making decorations reminds me of Katie's daughter, Ashlyn who now has her own bedroom & wanted to decorate it for Halloween. She was a whirlwind of paper, scissors, markers & tape & now that the room is complete - it is far too scarey to sleep in - so she's now sleeping with her brother, Tyler. LOVE IT!!
Thanks for posting. Love, Gloria

Emily said...

Oh, I love it!

. . wish I were more of a pack rat. I'm more of a throw-it-away-and-wish-I-had-it-later rat.

That skeleton is awesome too!

Dianne said...

That tree is so cute! You are full of such great ideas. I'm thinking about stealing this great idea but I don't have a stash of lids, branches, foam or moss. I'd better get busy being a pack rat.

marilynl said...

I heart you and your cute family and your cute ideas.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE your Halloween tree. I totally want to try to make one someday. I wish I could borrow some of your cool crafty tools...but you're right about the craft store coupon thing...that's such a great way to get good stuff!
I wish my house were more Halloweeny too...there's always next year, right? :)


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