Monday, October 12, 2009

the kids came this way

Tonight at dinner at my parents' house we started talking about Halloween. The conversation then turned to scary stuff. Then we started telling scary stuff or times that we have been scared. I have been scared a lot. It is funny. Now. Brother in law told about a scary You Tube video. Now, I am kind of a little bit scared. I can't even think about it. If I think about it too much, I will have to quit posting and go to bed. But now I am kind of scared because I have to pass a lot of doorways to get to my bedroom. Now my heart is beating fast. Dang it.

Eva loves Halloween. She is not creeped out by it. Here is her tribute to Halloween:
eva halloween art
"Halloween in fun. Thes are my cusins jrest (dressed) up."
Last year we had a Tinkerbell, a football player, a sock monkey and Speed Racer.

This is Eva's tribute to the dollar store:
eva dollar store
I don't know why I think this is so funny. My kids love that place. Samuel will do just about anything to go there (and buy stuff that only lasts about 20 minutes, tops. But that is for another post). I guess the topic was something that she does with her dad. They go to the dollar store. At least it isn't Wal Mart (for a quick, cheap laugh, click on it).

Here is an example of the stuff that Eva does for her brother:
She made him a Bat Man mask. I loved watching her work and come up with this.

Okay, and while Eva seems to be developing her artistic skills lately, Samuel seems to be expanding his verbal boundaries. I made note of a few things:

Karl (trying to explain that you need to have ice cream in an icecream sundae): You can't just have hot fudge.
Samuel: Okay, then sprinkles.
(then we kind of think, why are we trying to make a kid eat ice cream, right?)

Samuel (marching in his underwear): I am a naked army.

Eva (pointing to an awesome Airstream on the freeway in the lane next to us): What is that called?
Samuel: It's a house-car.

Karl: If you say that one more time you are going to be in big trouble.
Samuel: Can I say it two times?

Samuel (at a time when I really needed his compliance): No-kay.

Samuel: I had a dream that there were pigs at the playground and one pig went down the slide backwards and I was really mad at the pig.

Oh, and I have kind of already shared but just so it gets recorded that this is the month that Karl had to teach Samuel that people don't like it when you tell them they are fat. "But she is," Samuel argues. "Even if she is, you can't tell her that, it hurts her feelings." Samuel, I am sorry. I know it is kind of confusing. But trust us on this one.

I find myself analyzing the kids actions probably more than I should. I wonder if this or that trait came from Karl or I. But, for now, I am thinking and kind of hoping, that they just came with their traits and tendencies.


Angela said...

Samuel cracks me up! I love the comments he has made. Kids are the best. And yours are super cute!

Malea said...

"no-kay", and "naked army" are going to make me laugh for the rest of the day. Thanks!

Lindsay said...

I checked out that people of walmart website and couldn't stop laughing. I can't wait to show Dave.
Your kids seem especially creative and funny. I guess that's what you get with an especially creative and funny mom. :)

Abbigail said...

Love Eva's drawings and head mask. Pretty amazing. Really funny.

Dianne said...

I love the bat man mask! Eva is so creative.


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