Monday, September 21, 2009

first day, take two

Been busy, haven't blogged as much as I like to. Here's why:

If I had to choose one word to describe my family, it might be change.

Last year I went and put Eva on the waiting for a charter school that I had heard great things about. Didn't hear from them and kind of forgot about it.

On Monday, they called and said they had an opening. The timing was right for all but Eva.
She was happy at her school. Happy with her friends, happy with her teacher, and she loved riding the bus. I took her to check out the school and Eva being Eva, she liked it was ready to start right away. But, she didn't want to leave her old school either. So, we brought it to her level.
If you go to this new school and have a good attitude about it then you can to anywhere you want.
Two times?

Playing dirty, right? We don't feel bad. We had lots of reason to do this.
And maybe one of those reasons might have to do with doing worksheets to the "big machine" everyday. I stopped by the classroom (on the wrong day. Oops) and it turns out that the "big machine" that Eva had been telling me about was a recording of the teacher telling the kids how to do write numbers. Yep, just a recording. Who knows when she made this tape? I know a little about education (degree, years of experience...) and from the little I know, I know that a) first graders already know how to write their numbers and b) if by chance, they don't know their numbers, they will learn them better if the teacher interacts with them. And maybe I should have brought this up with the teacher but I am a wimp, so I will just post it on the internet.
Me, being me, my first thought was about shopping for uniforms. I asked around and posted about it on facebook and got lots of good advice.

She looked so cute in her school clothes. I am kind of sad but I will make the best of it. Want to know something that I think is so cute? Eva has no idea that she has uniforms. She hasn't noticed yet. She hasn't noticed that everyone is wearing the same stuff. She asked if she could wear her jeans. When I told her she couldn't, she wanted to know why.
Ssshhh.... nobody tell her, okay?

Eva seems to like her school. But, the sweet thing likes almost anything. Which means that she still likes that darn bus that she can't ride anymore. I really like the feeling I get when I go to the school. Everyone seems to really want to be there. I have also run into several people that I know... my kids' pediatrician, a girl I grew up with, friend of a friend... all great people that make me feel comforted that they choose to send their kids to the same place.

Tonight Eva says, "Everyone at my new school is so serious."

We feel good about it. Let's hope things lighten up a little.

Oh, and one of the things that makes this food freak really happy. They have actual COOKS. No, they don't just have box cutters. Two ladies that actually MAKE the school lunch. A rarity these days.

Nothing to do with school, but everything to do with Eva. I am always talking about how bendy she is. Was going through some old pictures and came across this one. For how much it has made me giggle tonight, I thought I should probably share. I loves how you can see her smile and how she embellished the bed sheet with a black marker.


Nikki said...

I love love love the picture of Eva folded in half. It is too cute!

marilynl said...

Such a cute girl. I love how cute she looks in her uniform. Also like how "bendy" she is!

Kristi said...

Dr. Witt at school?

Courtney said...

Can she still bend like that? What talent! I'm sure her new school will capitalie on talents like that.

Malea said...

Loving bendy diaper patootie picture. WOW! COOKS? That's a goldmine. For this you made the right decision. Oh...and also for not having your kid do work to a recorded voice.

Lindsay said...

The last picture is so cute! That is amazing...was she sleeping? If so that is crazy cool. If not, still very, very cool. :)
That is so great Eva got into such a good school! No more machine teacher, that's a good thing.

Abbigail said...

You are so smart to get her as far away from the big machine as possible. That is so insane. Good luck with all the change.


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