Thursday, September 24, 2009


Before I could even drive a car, I knew these mommies. We obviously weren't mommies back then. We were silly girls that wore boxers as shorts to school and considered Subway, Taco Bell, and Training Table some mighty good eats.

I took these picture a (long) while ago. Now, this sweet baby has rolly chubby thighs. The kind that look so cute in tights.
This tiny one is still tiny. Look at those at those newborn lashes. And I know that mommies love their babies. But, seriously, this mommy is SO giddy about this tiny girl.
Latching on.
And one day, we will sit around and talk about how our little babes are growing up. And I bet we will talk about the silly things they are wearing and and all the junk that they are eating. And for whatever reason, just the thought of it is so comforting.


Abbigail said...

Those babies are so pretty. How nice that you can live so close to old friends. I am jealous of that when I am just starting over with friends again. Enjoy it.

Courtney said...

The history makes it so much better. Kind of like the thought of older us in the future talking about our kids.

Amy said...

Oh, I wish you were at my house taking pics of my babe. Brian and I have both been positively awful with this fourth one. I think deep down inside I don't want to take pictures because I'm so overwhelmed with all of the pictures I already have that I've never done anything with. But, someday, I will regret missing all these newborn moments!


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