Friday, July 17, 2009

to blog or to facebook...

As if I need more things to distract me from the things that I should really be doing, I joined face book.
I am hoping that I will stop spending (wasting) so much time on it after the novelty wears off.

Was posting some photos on face book and adding some captions and kind of felt like I was cheating on my blog.  The blog that I have been loyal to for over a year.  The blog that has held family memories, eating adventures, and crafty achievements so faithfully.

Blog, you have been there for me.

I'm torn.  
How do I keep the balance?
How do I decide what to blog and what to post on face book?
How do I learn to just live my life and stop posting about it?



mmm.chocolate said...

Don't ever stop posting about your life. Nobody help her. I mean it!

P.S. I have had a hard time getting into facebook.

Michelle said...

I have a few friends who just cross-post their blog posts to facebook. Also, don't worry, the novelty will wear off and you will spend less time there eventually.

Dianne and Sean said...

I'm with Michelle on this one. I cross-post my blog into facebook, and I occasionally link twitter to my facebook status as well. I almost always get comments on my blog and not on facebook (even from facebook friends). Besides, my mom complained that I wasn't blogging as much since I've joined facebook, so I think blogging still serves a purpose. I'd better get busy cranking out more posts...

Lindsay said...

I like blogging's more personal.
Facebook is fun's cool to get the little updates on so many people. But blogging is better for the in depth stuff...please don't let your blog go, I like it too much!!!

Malea said...

Facebook helps gatherings happen. Blogging helps with daily perspective.

Abbigail said...

I like both for different reasons. I get a lot more comments from photos when I place them on facebook. I think no one really looks at my blog. However, facebook does not keep record of your life adventures the way a blog does.
I have no idea how to stop spending so much time on FB or the blogs. I get pretty involved in them especially since I moved and don't know a lot of people other than on the computer.
I really love the way that Facebook has connected me with a lot of long lost friends. I still check your blog everyday, so you better not let me down! But, I am also super pumped you joined facebook. Welcome to the madness.

five-one-and-a-half said...

Please don't give up on your blog because I like reading about all of your adventures and seeing pictures of yummy food :)


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