Sunday, June 21, 2009


Somehow with all of this cold rainy crazy weather, we have had a chance to do a ton of swimming.
My friend's pool was insanely gorgeous.  Yes, that is the whole valley that you can see while swimming.  It also helped that she heats the thing to 92 degrees.  It is amazing fun.
After swimming at a place like that, kind of makes our local rec center seem so ghetto.  But my kids don't mind.  They love it there.
We also have our annual swimming lessons with Miss Lori, who is the best swimming teacher ever.  Please note that Eva is the only one in here class that will swim without goggles.  It is especially great because two summers ago she refused to even put her face in the water the whole swimming session.

She is seriously so good at the back float.  It cracks me up.
So, after swimming lessons Eva was feeling super brave I guess.  She said she wanted to jump off the diving board at the rec center.  She walked over and stood in the line for the high dive.  It was cracking me up.  I probably wouldn't have thought it was so funny if I actually thought she was going to do it.  When she realized what she was doing she walked over to the "low" dive.  She walked out the middle and decided that was too high, too.  I remember feeling that way at that exact same diving board!  It is a lot higher than the one at swimming lessons.  
Oh, and Samuel likes his goggles tight.  Really, really tight.  He has me tighten them over and over.  So much so that I think his eyes get all squinty and I am worried they are going to squeeze out.  He apparently hates getting water in his goggles.  


Emily said...

I love the picture of Samuel's goggle-eyes. Isaac and Brigham wouldn't put their faces in the water AT ALL - until they discovered goggles this summer.

I love-love-love Eva's swim skirt. I can't wait to have a girl!

Lindsay said...

Your friend's pool is amazing! That looks like so much fun...I love summer swimming with the kids. :)

mmm.chocolate said...

Your friend's pool is amazing! Aren't friends with pools the best? So much more relaxing than trying to keep track of your kids amongst the crowds as the public pools. I feel for Eva and Samuel in that I am both scared of the high dive and I hate to get water in my goggles. That is amazing that Eva will even jump off a diving board at her age. Sophie (who is 8), just went off the diving board for the first time last summer, after much coaxing.

tylerandjulie said...

miss you, miss your kids.i still picture samuel in his highchair the entire time we played settlers downing his cheerios. still the cutest, but oh, so big!


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