Monday, June 29, 2009


The craziness of this morning was driven by my obsession with getting the best deal wherever I spend my money.  So after visits to the resort front desk, Costco, Wendy's (yes, Wendy's, I was watching TV and there was a commercial advertising free kids tickets with purchase.  Was too good to be true), and Costco again we finally figured out the best deal.  Then, get this, the people in line in front of us at Legoland hand us a bunch of coupons to get us all in for $17 a person.  All that chasing, well, to get us in line at the exact right time.
And... if we had a nickel for every time we said, "Where is Samuel?" it would have paid for all of our tickets.  Discount or no discount.  That kid was so hard to keep track of.  Legoland is just perfect for a 4 year old boy and apparently there were so many things that captured Samuel's attention.  One of the times we found him checking out the Star Wars display. 
See niece Ashley on those cute horses?  Well, those no longer hold Samuel's attention.  He didn't want them.  He wanted the "Dragon" instead (he was talking about this crazy knights jousting ride).  He made the height requirement just perfectly to go on all the huge rides.  And he was thrilled.  I shouldn't have been surprised at all since he is an adrenaline junkie just like his dad.  
Look at his face.  He was trying to ride with his hands up.
Ryan got these shots of Samuel driving (and any of the quality shots in this post since I only had my phone) while I was with Eva on the course for older kids.  Samuel did a u-turn where he wasn't supposed to.  At the end of the ride he collided with another kid.  He got out, straightened the car out and then hopped back in, ready to keep riding.  It is so hard to get that kid off the rides.  Motion, speed, noise... Samuel was in heaven (except when the rides ended). 

Okay, so my niece wasn't really into the ride thing.  Legoland couldn't make her as happy as that popsicle did.  This probably seems weird, but check out her tongue.  Long, right?  Like, really long.  So after seeing that, we all start comparing.  Her dad has the longest tongue that I have ever seen in real life (because I have never seen KISS in real life).  And Grandma has the shortest tongue I have ever seen.  She even had it clipped so she could stick it out even this much.  And, well, Ashley just wanted to join in all the fun.
Niece Ashley was cracking me up this whole trip.  I rode this boat ride thing with her where you get shot with water.  She showed me that you are just supposed to close your eyes and shoot.  Smart, right?  Here is our drenched family and then all the drenched cousins (minus the niece who was not amused by this amusement park).
Sweet cousins that love being with each other and Grandma with a guy made entirely of Legos.  
Eva.  I love that face.
Samuel and the airplane/space ship/helicopter that he made.
Rachel, Kathryn and Brenda on my favorite ride.  Races on fire engines.  It wouldn't have been my favorite if we didn't win.
Eva in the water place.

After Legoland the kids swam in the resort pool.  I asked Eva to swim on her back for me because it always makes me smile.  She is so good at the, "monkey, airplane, soldier" thing.  
"Our hot tub pool" as Samuel liked to call it was right outside our window.  
Eva doing her cousins hair.  A miracle since this girl hates for people to do her hair at all.  So cute.  I love that the cousin love each other.


Adri said...

No fair... you guys are always going some where fun! I have never been to Legoland, it looks like a blast though.

Lindsay said...

Looks like so much fun. Your pictures make me want to pack us all up and head to legoland tomorrow. :) I like the tongue pictures too, they are funny!

Abbigail said...

I think Kitty should join Kiss! That is too funny. I loved the kids all traveling together. They were really cute.


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