Tuesday, May 26, 2009

eva's spring concert

Yikes.  Kindergarten is almost over.  She is getting older.  And bigger.  And smarter.  Yikes.

In this (huge) picture her class is singing the "Flying Purple Eater" song.  When I taught, my kids danced to this song for our Halloween assembly.  Crazy coincidence, right?

Eva was on vacation the whole time the kids learned the Chicken Dance, but she totally caught on.  They sang a bunch patriotic songs.  It was so cute.
I was getting all sentimental and took "last" photos with her amazing teacher and at her little desk.
She gave me this cute little sunflower seedling for Mother's Day.  

Okay, and some very very very good better than Christmas news...
I found my 2006 and 2007 photos.  After all that mourning.  I plugged my external storage drive thing into my Mac and did a search and it just pulled them up!   They were inside a folder that was inside a folder that was inside a folder... well, you get the point.  So hidden that I never would have found them on my PC.  


Just to celebrate, here are some photos I found of Eva two years ago from this time.

I was mourning this very picture over and over:
Eva's preschool class went to the zoo.  About 15 minutes after we got there (and about two hours before lunch) Eva just sat down and started opening her lunch to eat.  What?  She was hungry.  In her defense, that is usually where we ate when we went there on our own.   Whatever the case, I thought it was hilarious and cute.  Man, I love that girl.
Here is she is at her first preschool graduation.  I forgot how super long her hair was.  Eva was such a "stop and smell the roses" kind of girl.  She still is.  She probably always will be (as long as I don't keep rushing her past them).  Look how excited she is about her treasures, a rock and two dandelions.  So sweet.  So Eva.  Check out her boots.  I guess she was creating great shoe combos clear back then.  Once again, so Eva.
Then, there was my favorite haircut.  A super drastic a-line bob.  They cut enough to donate (but I haven't sent it in- can't let it go).  It was so easy and so cute.  I just  can't stop using the word, "cute."
If there is one thing I can say about Eva (besides her love of collecting, and her fashion sense), it is that she loves to create.  I am so glad that I found these pictures of he play dough guys and her coordinating faces.

Ah... welcome back to my memories, cute, little, four-year-old Eva.  So glad you are back.


Kris Tina said...

YAY! I'm so glad you found them. Well for a lot of reasons I'm so glad you found them but mainly because I have been dying to have you send me that picture of Samuel dressed as Nacho Libre for Halloween - but I didn't want to ask because I thought it would bring up painful memories of how the pics were gone. But now that they are recovered - I think a walk down nacho libre memory lane is due!

Lindsay said...

That is so great about your pictures. I can only imagine how crappy that would feel to lose them and how awesome it must feel now to have them back! Yay!
I really love the picture of you with Eva at her graduation...you are both so pretty. :)

Courtney said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I thought I would check blogs on a whim today- so so glad I did. I am super super happy for you. AHHHH. (a sigh of relief)

Malea said...

I so understand. I thought I had lost 4 years of pictures that I had saved on an external hard drive when we switched computers. But the hard drive was having issues. So we didn't have them for almost two years until we figured out how to get them. I actually popped popcorn and put them on the slideshow mode as Matt and I sat and gazed through them.

Michelle said...

Hurray!!!!!! That is awesome! I know you were heartbroken that those pics had disappeared. I'm so happy for you!

Love, love, love the pic of you and Eva at K graduation! You are beautiful!!!! (and Eva's cute too!)

Let's plan some playdates!

Abbigail said...

HOORAY is right. What a lucky find. Maybe you can find my lost and broken external hard drive with my grad work on it? Photos of Eva and Sam are more priceless than that. She is so cute like you say. Kitty is also a slow wanderer that always stops and picks up flowers and rocks wherever we go. She is such a combo of Sam and Eva. If you ever have a third maybe it would be like Kitty. Loved those photos.
Congrats on finishing kindergarten, so big!

mmm.chocolate said...

I couldn't stop saying the word "cute" when I read this post!


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