Tuesday, March 10, 2009

...Vacations Rock: Day 2

Poolside breakfast. Fruit loops. I can't believe they can sell this stuff as actual food. Samuel ate the whole bowl dry. Ouch.
The day was so nice and sunny. Eva just ran and jumped right in. So, we were in our swim suits and 50 feet away, people were skiing. Eva went under the water fall and Samuel yells, "Eva! Watch out be-head!"
Bundled up (in our non-matching, non designer snow clothes, unlike everyone else on the hill) and went outside to play. Eva stopped midway and threw a fit about her stretchy pants (that were under her snow clothes). I wish I got a better picture. I might be able to use it as black mail someday. Samuel said, "I am going to go on my tummy like a penguin." And he did. Several times. He wanted to ride the pod lift thing so bad. He kept going over there. Finally I asked the lady and she just let us ride up and then down. The kids were so excited.
Everyday from 4 to 5 they had s'more by the fire. The chef's marshmallows were so awesome. My favorite was the mint. Note: fancy marshmallows don't roast well. Karl was at meetings (the "real" reason we were there) the first half and I was totally panicking. Long pointy sticks, fire, molten hot sticky marshmallows... ya'll can understand why, right? When all I wanted to do is stand there and eat the mint marshmallows out of the bowl, I was juggling all the dangers (and taking pictures, of course). Samuel doesn't like to eat marshmallows. He likes to roast/burn them, though. He takes his s'mores dry, just like his cereal.
Sledding. Fancy people sledding. Like, 8 people in matching snow clothes push, direct, and slow the kids down. Back in my day, duct tape on snow jackets and garbage bags as sleds were completely acceptable. Sheesh.
Samuel is telling the guy that he wants to go faster than Speed Racer.
The kids needed help up the hill towards the end. Look at Eva adoring her dad. Then he dumps her.

Samuel wanted to wreck this snowman and Karl totally encouraged him. Sorry snowman builder people. I hope you weren't hoping to see your hard work later on. The difference between Samuel and Eva just get more and more obvious. This kid is so boy.

When you ask the guy who helps you with your luggage where you should eat and when he is describes his favorite places with "great tequila" and "a great happy hour" then that should be a red flag to you that he doesn't really care about the food. But, I guess without his help I never would have tried deep fried Mac n Cheese wedges. The kind of thing where you can't understand why you keep eating it. But you do. The Dusty Boot was okay. Samuel was out cold before our food even got to our table.


Emily said...

Dang! Your vacations DO rock!

I'm so jealous - especially of the swimming on the ski slopes - ????

Love all your pictures - as always

Kathryn said...

How fun! And to think that I was teaching school all week. How boring! We have tons of snow. Gordon measured 18 new inches yesterday. He is pretty sick of shoveling. My 4th graders loved it! is a lot more fun to play in than to shovel. Grandma

amelia and crew said...

I see that you dress your kids like The Royal Tannenbaums...In case of an emergency.

Christina said...

Now I need to go get them red sweatsuits. Samuel grew out of his.


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