Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We are going on a trip (Beaver Creek, CO.  Karl's work wanted him to go.  The kids and I wanted to go, too) tomorrow.  Yep, still packing.  
So, before the kids went to bed, I asked (told, demanded, bossed, whatever) them to put a few toys and books in a bag for the trip.  I opened them up to do a little editing and this is what they came up with:
Samuel's essentials:
1 Leapster 
3 Leapster games (he used to have 5.  Must not sweat the small, kind of expensive stuff, right?)
1 Rocket ship
6 Cars
1 Camera
2 capes
1 half gone sheet of stickers
1 Speed Racer coloring book
1 black crayola marker (no frills, huh?  Why do I think that is so freaking funny?)
1 woobie
1 (precious, he made it for us for Christmas but won't let us have it) handprint framed in macaroni
1 baggie full of tiny plastic weapons
1 bicycle bell
1 pair of goggles
1 set of fake car keys that keeps making car noises ever time the bag is bumped
2 DVDs (please don't lose them on the trip, they are from the library.  Note:  I had to talk him out of the Megatron fighter guys Robot things or whatever testosterone movies.)
He also called me in his room three hours after he had been asleep and let me know that he needed a flashlight.  "Right now or for the trip?"  "For the trip." Check. 

These are Eva's essentials:
1 (giant. Like 10 lbs) Treasury of Bedtime Stories book (that got edited out)
4 other (much lighter) books
2 DVDs 
1 camera
2 flashlights (1 with batteries, 1 without....?)
1 Nintendo DS 
1 diary with a lock
1 pencil
1 4 color pen
1 pair of goggles
3 Polly Pockets 
1 Bitty Baby named Maren
1 suitcase that holds Maren's stuff (but was empty, huh?  Edit)
1 silver slipper.  It's Maren's.  Just one?
1 set of pajamas for Maren
1 big teddy bear
1 orange toothbrush
So prepared.  How would it be to have that be all you had to worry about?
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Abbigail said...

hilariously sweet. I love those kids. I wish that is all I had to pack.

Adri said...

That's so cute! Your kids are so sweet.

Buchanans said...

oh my gosh! Sooooo funny and darling! Those kids have so much personality! Oh and Eva's party... absolutely adorable. You are an amazing mother and I so wish I was half as creative as you!

amelia and crew said...

You're making me nervous to have more than one child.

Malea said...

Well, at least if Maren gets hungry she can have the macaroni hand print frame. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like they got all the essentials. The stuff no one should every really leave home with out. I think they did great. It is a good thing you were not flying, because the airline would have probably charged extra due to the weight of those bags.

Emily said...

Ha! looks way WAY too familiar. . .


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